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Maybe It's Just The Altitude

Been feeling very tired today. And am finding things like walking in the very cold 40mph winds very tiring. Thought I was coming down with a cold, but that has passed.

Last night Cal-Neva's 24/7 café was the plan for dinner. Something light, because I have not been able to finish anything meal-like here. Portions are huge. On my way through the lobby a Wizard of Oz themed slot machine near the door caught my eye. I have a special relationship with the Howardly Lion, so I looked closer. It was four units banked together, and there was one seat free. I took it, fed the thing $20. The machine's label said 1 cent, but that was fraudulent, since one could only bet in increments of 40 cents. It paid out in increments of 10 cents.

Amazing and entertaining game - choose a character from the four main ones, and an appropriate symbol would be one of the matchups. Lion had medals, tine man had hearts, Dorothy got ruby slippers and scarecrow got diplomas. At random the Good Witch would fly in and give one character a free spin. Also at random the wizard would take over all the machines in the bank and give seven free spins, with varying perks. After one of these where the Lion was given 16x payout, I won $160. Cashed that in, and have since been using it as slot machine money. I'm still ahead by $40, but not for long. The chairs are wired with vibration and audio, and each machine has pretty decent video. I've also played it at Altlantis.

So, Cal-Neva menu toward the top was my favorite Wor Won Ton Soup. It was the worst Wor Won Ton soup I have ever been served. Never hire a Mexican chef to make Chinese soup. WWT soup is supposed to be a clear broth in which are won tons, bok choi, shrimp, BBQ pork, maybe some chicken, and the (optional) noodles are rice noodles, similar in dimensions to spaghetti. There may also be pieces of chicken, mushrooms, water chestnut and bamboo shoots. This absurdity was mostly a bowl of soggy chopped salad, with horrible vermicelli-thin egg noodles and four dry stale won tons sitting on top as an afterthought. The only good part was the four tail-less shrimp and the broth. I was cold and tired and finished the shrimp and broth and left most of the soup.

Before turning in I visited the El Dorado, and this seems to the The Place. Lots of people playing all the games, sexily clad servers. Harrah's is dead by comparison.

Back to the hotel, slept okay, but woke up too many times. At about 8 when I finally pulled the curtains, there was a light dusting of snow on the roofs below, and on the eastern hills. And the weather channel said the temp was below freezing. Not the 60F they were predicting on Tuesday.

So, this would be a minimalist day. Took a taxi to Peppermill, had breakfast in the old cafe there which took a safari-like walk to find. Ordered the pancake sandwich with two link sausages, expecting a reasonably light meal. The two pancakes were each the size of 4 IHOP ones. The over-easy eggs were perfect. Service was fast, food was excellent, but more than I could finish. Reasonable price, too.

Walked around outside and took some photos, they have a lot of statuary. At one point they decided to be a Romanesque hotel, it looks very strange in front of the ultra-modern newer hotel. Taxi to the Atlantis, $5 for those planning for Renovation. Atlantis looks rundown. Nice views of the snow-covered hills, though. Invested $20 in to the WoO slot machine, nobody joined me so it was stingy with extras. Had a hot chai at a pastry stand next to the Manhattan Deli. Said deli is a NY Jewish deli similar to Max's. It was not open, which saved me from eating too much.

Going to check out the Gentleman's Club and maybe even have dinner there. Or maybe I'll just enjoy the scenery and then go to El Dorado for food.

Train leaves at 8:30 tomorrow morning. One of the cabbies says there should be a lot of snow on the trees this time. We'll see.
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