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Los Dias de los Waiting

Amtrak called last night to let me know the train would be an hour and a half late. Which meant that I did not have to get up at the crack of something or other but I did anyway. Twice. Three times. Finally headed for b'fast at around 8, but the only place open at Harrah's was the buffet and the line was long and slow. So I went down the hall the Fauxbucks and had a chai and cinnamon roll. It says Starbucks on the sign, but the don't take Starbucks cards but did let me charge it to my room.

Back to the room, read, watched TV, called Amtrak, new time was later - after 11 am for an 8:30 schedule. Typical. At the station they still had 10:45 posted, which is also typical. The 800 number is always more accurate than anything they tell you at the station or on the train. Matter of fact, they rarely tell you anything on the train.

So, at 11:25 some asshole shouts "woo woo" and rushes for the door, followed by 80% of the lemmings in the waiting room (no offense lemmozine). First of all it was going the wrong way. Second of all it was a freight train. The right train didn't show up till 11:40-something.

And then there was the lemming thing all over again, despite the local Amtrak guy announcing 15 minutes earlier that no one could board until them what was getting off got off. And to add to the fun, a young woman who had just gotten off the train collapsed on the platform, and was swarmed by paramedics almost instantly. I guess they know all about altitude sickness in Reno.

As soon as all that was under control, the conductor for the Sacto/Emeryville car boarded folks by size of group. Being single, I was one of the last, but got a window seat which was good, with tons of leg room, closest to the stairs (and therefore the loo). But as in an airplane that meant no tray. Fortunately no one was seated next to me so I was able use the seat for that.

Also, I was on  the same side of the train as the one I rode up on, so got the other view.

Dire predictions of snow and rain did not come to pass, or rather had come and gone - it had snowed a bit, maybe 6 inches, but thanks to being 3 hours late, it was already beginning to melt. Took lots of pix of trees with snow on them, fields of untouched snow, icicles on rocks, deer tracks in the snow, and so on. Just as I was thinking that I had not seen any wildlife, blaming the noise of the train, we passed a young doe nibbling shrubbery. This was on the west side of the crest, well past the snow. As on the trip up, as soon as we were west of the summit there was no more snow and no traces that there had ever been any. Amazing how that works.

When we got to Roseville, one stop before Sacto, they said it would be faster to switch to the Capitol Corridor train in SAC instead of waiting for Emeryville. I confrmed with the conducor that it wouldn't mean paying another fare, and made the switch. The weirdness is both trains follow the same route, but the CC trumps the CZ. Weirder because the CC makes more stops. We'll see. The theory is the CC will arrive in SJC at about 7:40, but the CZ won't make it for another half hour. CZ is way more comfortable, but since CC is a local there is more eye candy. I am surrounded by UC Davis students.:-0

So, despite all the ads saying CC has wi-fi, this train, like the one on the way up, does not. Will have to inquire about that. And will have to shoot this onto the Internet from home. Probably no time for *bux tonight. But one never knows.

One thing I did this morning early was pull up the furball cam and check on the kitties. Domino was sprawled out on the big sofa cushion and Pumpkin had squeezed himself into the little cat bed. Amusing.

Plans for tomorrow: TBA
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