Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Pumpkin stayed curled up against me all night, and made sounds of disapproval each time I shifted. At about 2:30 am I woke up shivering, it was 44° outside, and 63° inside. The gas furnace downstairs had not kicked in, and the electric heater in the bedroom was set for 66. Fixed both of those, went back to bed, Pumpkin curled up tight against me.

Got out of bed around 8, started up the PC and set it back to auto start-up. It had missed the 7 am weekly backup so I started that by hand.

Also started converting the raw (.NEF) photos from the trip into JPGs, which takes a while. First I had to change the time on all of them to an hour later - the camera had the daylight time feature turned off because it uses the old dates for the time change. Lots of pix, especially of stunt kayakers which I took at 7 fps and 3 fps speed modes. Shot at 1/8000 which froze the water splashes real well. Almost done, it's 2/3 through the snow pix from the return trip.

Was supposed to have a photo shoot tomorrow afternoon, but they moved it to the end of the month, and the shoot which was my backup plan is sold out.

In other news, something has been drinking from the upstairs hummingbird feeder.

The moon was out last night in a good location to shoot pix from the balcony, I wish I had the right kind of telescope to take advantage of that.

My CPA's email was broken last night, phoned him this morning, was kind of surprised he was at work until I remembered what week this is. Looks like it's back up & running, so I sent him a bunch of paperwork.

Glad I took the train ride, happy the timing worked out with snow on the trees on the way back. Photos will be up on Flickr Real Soon Now.

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