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What a Friend We Have in Cheeses

susandennis highly recommended a cheese called Brebis D'Argental, which is a sheep-milk cheese from the Argental region of France. I went to my local gourmet cheese market, and while they did not have this gem, they did have a brebis (which means "sheep" in French) called Perail from the Papillon company and a cow's milk cheese called Lingot D'Argental.

The Perail label says "mild flavor - creamy texture" but to me there was no flavor, and the texture was soft but not creamy. I ate 1/4 of the mini-wheel, will save the rest for omelets.

The Lingot had been generically wrapped and labeled, cut from a large wheel, so I don't have any information other than the name. Online searches say it is basically the same as Brebis D'Argental, except made from cow instead of sheep. It tastes lovely, and is way rich and creamy. At $18/lb it will be a rare treat in the future, but well worth the experiment. Thanks, Susan.
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