Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Pleasant Day

Woke up at a reasonable time, took care of email and actually found a job posting to respond to. Emailed the cardiologist to set up the procedure. Did all my usual morning stuff and went back to pay on the PC till well after noon.

Finished watching Heaven Can Wait which I'd Tivoed from PBS.
The reason I recorded it was a brain fart. One of my favorite movies of all time is a 1941 gem called Here Comes Mr. Jordan which is about a boxer who dies in the ring. Someone Up Above made a Big Mistake, so to make up for it, his soul is placed in the body of a rich playboy whose time had come. In 1978 this was remade slightly but mostly intact as Heaven Can Wait. Instead of a boxer, the accident happens to an LA Rams quarterback, and when he is transferred into the body of a rich playboy, he buys the Rams and makes himself QB. There is a great scene where his offensive line, thinking he is a complete poser & asshat, lets him get pummeled. He gives a stirring "give me a break" speech in the huddle, and the rest is history the obligatory fiction. The 1943 HCW is not nearly as well written, acted, photographed or edited as it deserved to be, but it passed the time. I was astounded that there were no interruptions for pledge break.

Also played an episode of Undercover Boss. This time it was the new Prez of the MGM Grand in Vegas. It was a lot moving than it had any right to be, and somehow all the employees he worked for while under cover appeared to be honest, hard-working and deserving people.

Got bored, petted the cats and took myself downtown for about an hour of library time. Almost every workplace in the building was taken, which shows the economy still sucks. Most of those people would normally be working that time of day.

Got a call from the cardiologist's office to set up a date for the procedure. 26th is first choice, 28th is 2nd.

Went to CVS and picked up a couple of prescriptions. No problem, for a change. CVS has been excellent, my doctors' helpers have not.

Home to drop stuff off, then to my local Starbucks, which was completely full (more sucky economy evidence) so I went to the larger late-nite one a mile or so away. Ran into one of my NorCal Peace Corps group friends, she is also looking for work. Business development.

Doing some software updates in the background. Time to stop writing and reboot.

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