Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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Full Morning, later not so much

Went to the clinic, had the angiogram instructions explained and given to me. Then to the nephrologist who added some notes and one med of his own. The cardio nurse suggested I bring PJ bottoms to the hospital when the time came, but I don't own any. So I went to Macy's, which used to have tons of them. They don't stock them, or robes, anymore. Target had two kinds in my size, but they wanted $20, bar code scanner on the iPhone said they were $13 on Amazon. I picked up a nice pair of above-the-knee gym shorts which I think are better than PJ bottoms for the purpose.  Also got some cat treats and inexpensive stereo earbuds for the computer & Kindle.

Parked at the Cherry Orchard Starbucks until it was time for my recruiter interview. That went well, he said he may have some luck with the folks who make the Kindle.

Spent an hour at a dive I hung out at when I lived in Scummyvale about 10 years ago. They have changed hands and become part of a chain, remodeled into a much classier place, and are no longer so paranoid about being raided that they made customers open their wallets to check for badges.  There was a time when politics had the police filing spurious complaints and staging raids which resulted in no convictions, but made it really tough to stay in business. I'm guessing the new owners may have been encouraging that.

On to my 2nd choice Starbucks, the unsweetened green tea is filling and not fattening and low on caffeine and makes it look like I'm spending $$ there. It was an eye candy cavalcade. I do not believe the bottoms on some of those women. Including one of the staff.

Got two interesting pieces of email. One from a recruiter who said his company had worked with me in the past (they had not) asking if I would be interested in being the 5th employee at a stealth startup which sounded like it was probably not in my field. I replied that it did not sound like a match, but we could talk about it tomorrow. Also got an invite to audition for a musical Assisted Living which looks like a small time production. I set up an audition for next week. The audition and show will be in a restaurant in Chinatown which has a small theater. Haven't done a gig like that since Bangkok in 1976. It's only 5 performances, sat & sun over 2 weekends. I doubt if I'll get it, but it will be fun to try out.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual in the morning
Art show at Stanford at 5
Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal at 7:30
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