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1 Hour 40 minutes left

On my netbook battery. The plan was to hang out until the battery ran out. Don't think I'll make it.

One moment while I put in my earbuds - they are playing Bob Dylan.

Okay, so another slow day. Nothing on the job lists to apply for. No calls from recruiters. Several calls from pharmacies and doctor's office because a prescription my nephrologist sent in for my angiogram prep is not available at my pharmacy, so we'll get it filled elsewhere. Dark alley? No, just a different drug store.

Wasted a lot of time playing on the PC this morning, went to have my nails done at around noon, home for lunch, changed the litterboxes, made a dumpster run (deposit, not withdrawal).

Cuddled with the cats. Tried to cut some of Pumpkin's mats, but he's very sensitive and uses all his claws to object to my efforts. Running low on iodine. Maybe I should ask the vet for a sedative so I can do his fur and nails.

Off to *$s, created a major F-locked entry with photos of the highly amusing AuthenmaThai machine at yesterday's art show. Locked because I will be writing an article for either Drink Tank or SF in SF. Probably Drink Tank, since it doesn't really have a sci-fi hook.

As I was writing it, a Thai woman whom I have chatted with in the past at a different coffee shop sat down in at the table in front of me. Her husband and baby boy joined her and I was able to wish them a happy new year before they left. Thai Songkran is this week, and "happy new year" is the correct greeting for the two major holidays and birthdays. Kind of like Sh'hechianu in Jewish culture.

I may go to karaoke tonight, but maybe not since I have to be up early tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
UCSF by 8:30 am to be a judge for the all-day Challenge event held by World Savvy, where middle and high school students from around the Bay come to compete with presentations and displays and one ad hoc event with students from competing schools. This will be my 3rd year as a judge.
Sunday morning will probably go to Quary Lakes Park in Fremont for their Songkran ceremony. But the Thai hairdresser at my nails place says San Bruno is bigger/better, so I may try there instead.

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