Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


This morning I was all set to go to the park again and enjoy the predicted warmer weather, but it drizzled  most of the day.

So I did a lot of poking about online from home, went to the Pear Ave *$s and eventually to BASFA.

Some of the online poking was to put my used useless (for photography) telescope on sale on eBay and look for a replacement which can mount on my excellent photo tripod.

After BASFA I narrowed it down to one scope, which will be out of stock till mid-May, but found a mo betta one in stock, which will actually fit all the lenses and adapters I bought for the useless scope. For $200 less. It's basically a 500mm lens. You don't want to know what a Nikon 500mm lens would have cost.

Made an appointment to have the cats veteranarianized in the morning. Brought their carriers into the livingroom, and they both have taken a turn inside the bottom one. This is the session where I drop them off in the morning, they are knocked out and have their teeth cleaned and claws trimmed and blood tested. They should be done by 5, or sooner.

At 10:30 pm I'll be at SJC picking up a friend from a long east coast historical tour. She's retired and has spent the past few years mostly traveling, partly thanks to the Stanford Employee retirement system, I think.

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