Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Am So Done With Banfield

Shifted my vet services to Banfield in ~~~~ when farmount started working there. Stayed after they dis-employed her because it is very close to where I live, she didn't get a solid gig anywhere near me, and the pre-paid program was saving me $$. 

But they have gone way south. There's a sign up which says they are now closed Wednesdays, every time I have gone there in the past year there has been a different staff. This time they were supposed to phone me when the cats were ready to pick up, and didn't. I called at 6, they said the cats had been done for a couple of hours. Most of that time I was in the same shopping center, wasting time till they called.

The vet did not bother to come out, even though there were items on the print-out (which I saw when I got home) which needed follow-up.  The last two visits I did not actually see a vet.

So time to cancel the subscription, stop the monthly payments and some time in the next 6 months find another vet.

Was supposed to pick up a friend at SJC tonight, she was coming in on one of the last flights from Dallas. I had her Dallas-SJC info but not her flight to DFW from wherever back east she was leaving from. She called to tell me that due to weather, the plane landed in Mew Mexico instead of Dallas to fuel up, then would continue to DFW. The original schedule was a 3-hour layover, and it looked like they might still make it. They didn't. As her SJC flight was leaving, her DFW flight was just landing. So I'll pick her up tomorrow afternoon at SFO instead.
Tags: cats, travel

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