Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Day of Hump

Woke up with Pumpkin curled up next to me, dead asleep. Took advantage of the deadness to scissor off some of his more Gordian matts until he woke up and decided my arm was a cat toy. Good thing I had his claws trimmed yesterday.

Did my usual morning stuff, which included an actual lead to a possible job. Recruiter just called back, the hiring manager wants to set up a phone interview.

My stranded friend phoned, she was able to change her flight to SJC - had to because that's where her baggage went.

Plane was due in at about 2pm, so I went to the new-ish food places cluster across from the SJC Doubletree and tried out a place called NYPD - New York Pizza & Dogs - because it looked like it would not be there for long. Had the classic NY dog, which was a FAIL. Served with mustard on top of the sauerkraut**. Sauerkraut was too mild, hot dog too salty. The bun & mustard were good.

**I'll tell that story when I have more time

At Starbucks to check on the flight info online, it's now due in at 2:48, so add about half an hour to get off the plane & pick up baggage. As soon as I finish this I'll park in the cell phone area down the block from here.

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