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Dias de Las Waiting Around A Lot

Someone was supposed to phone me for a job interview screening thing at 2, and I needed to pick up a rare prescription drug across town at about noon. Got to the drugstore and the idiot child said they were out of stock, looking at the computer rather than looking in the pile of recently filled prescriptions. After 10 minutes of waiting her boss gave her the package to give to me. On my way out I found waterproof pre-medicated Band Aids I've been looking for, but more importantly dark chocolate hollow bunnies for Sunday's head-biting ritual. Big WTF: they have lots of hollow milk chocolate bunnies and solid dark chocolate bunnies, but it's rare to find hollow dark chocolate.

Lunchtime, Round Table next door was having a pizza and salad buffet, so I did that, and walked to Smart & Final for some fudgesicles.

Home by 1:40, had a fudgesicle for dessert, plugged my earbuds into the iPhone, listened to some music and waited for the interviewer to call. Nothing. 2:30 I call the recruiter, he calls back later to let me know the boss of the interviewer will call me at 4 to do the phone screening himself. Fine.

Unpacked the new telescope, put it together, mounted it on my best photo tripod and took it on the balcony to see if it would work for ultra close-up hummingbird pix from across the balcony. Nope, it would not focus that close. It took a while to figure out which way to turn the focus knob (there's no indicator on the scope, the instructions don't say, and it's not intuitive). Finally pointed it at a tree about 100 feet away, and was amazed at how much magnification it gave me. Tried out the camera mount attachment with mixed results, mostly because my best tripod does not have the best quick-release gadget.

Put that all aside at 3:55 and plugged in to wait for the call. 4:05, the original interviewer phoned, not her boss. She turns out to be very new to her job, and a lot of her questions were based on the very bad guess that all audio/video transcoder devices have the same features and thus have the same set of tests performed on them. It was a bit awkward, but we finally reached some level of communications, but I really wish her boss had been the one calling.

It would be a good job to land, but a lot depends on what recommendation she makes to her boss, and I don't think she's qualified to make one. That doesn't mean she isn't excellent at her job.

Thursday nights are Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals in Los Altos, I took the long way around because they are tearing up my usual route, apparently the town has $$ for beautifying downtown, but they have to make it really ugly first. We played some new music, and tried getting through the worst arrangement of music from Gigi I have ever seen. The conductor played a recording of the band's last public performance of the piece - 11 years ago - and I did not hear on it the part which was in front of me. Maybe they only had one Baritone Horn then. I'd say none, but I did hear short snippets of what sounded like a Baritone. We got through the first page and a half (out of 6) before he sent us home.

Have been obsessing over Elisabeth Sladen's untimely passing, ordered the 3rd series of the Sarah Jane Adventures which has been on my wish list since before it started shipping (I have seen the first two) and then looked her up on IMDB to find her first appearance on Doctor Who. 1973. Amazon has it available, part of the John Pertwee Years DVD set, so I ordered one of those too.

Plans for tomorrow:
P/U more drugs at CVS
More job hunting
maybe see Cabaret at Sunnyvale Community Players but maybe not. I just looked at the cast list and am not impressed.
Tags: band, entertainment, job hunt, medical

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