Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not-Bad Friday

Kind of neutral, actually. Found another job to apply for, later in the afternoon a headhunter from another company called with the same job. Played on the PC till about noon, went out to do the laundry. Put the clothes away and went outside on the balcony for about 45 minutes while the sun was out and it was tolerably warm and calm. Domino did a rare move and jumped up on my lap and nestled into the crook of my arm and cuddled. Very unlike her. She may have been apologizing for pooping in the bedroom.

Made urology & ophthalmology appointments. Ate the penultimate piece of Black Forest Cake.

Got a call from my CVS pharmacist, my doctor had screwed up my insulin prescription again, he'll try to get it fixed by tomorrow.

It got overcast and cold and blustery, read some more Chesterton, went to Sizzler for dinner and kept reading.  Am now at the late nite starbucks, where the beautiful women abound. Two tall blond women with legs up to here, in painted on jeans. One is in 4-inch heels, one in flats, this makes them the same height, close to 6 feet tall. Russian. Several beautiful Asian women and one very cute petite woman who might have been African-American, or a very attractive combination of ethnicities. A couple of pretty GND types chatting over near the door. Someone in very tight jeans is now leaning against the counter, ordering. There are, of course, other people not so attractive to me, but that's demographics for you.

Plans for tomorrow:
PAMF for a pre-angio blood test
The rest depends on the weather

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