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They Don't Sparkle

Hauled my butt out to the clinic for the pre-procedure blood tests. Cardio nurse wanted me to go tomorrow, but they will be closed for Easter.  They origianlly offered me yesterday for the procedure, but half the staff would probably be missing on Good Friday, so I took a rain check. Or maybe it was a blood-of-the-lamb check. When I worked at HP, they did this bogus thing where they added an extra holiday, to be chosen by the employees as a group. It was always Good Friday. My protests were ignored.

When I walked into the lab, it smelled like someone had taken a dump. Apparently someone had,  right at the entrance, a few minutes before. All that was left were the fumes.

The tech who did the honors was wearing a washed-out olive colored shirt, not a white lab coat. He is maybe 50, and looked like he might have spent the night in a dumpster. But he did a superb job, and he was quite articulate. Book. Cover.

Emailed a friend apologizing for forgetting that we were supposed to go to a Thai cooking class at lunchtime. I didn't understand her answer so I phoned her. The class was not today, it's May 7. National Train Day, so I'll be on  train and will miss the class, but she can go by herself.

Headed for one of the big Starbucks in Sunnyvale, and was surprised to find the Borders bookstore open a few doors down. Last time I was there it was closed. Inside it looked normal, as if the company had not filed Chapter 11. Picked up a couple of bargains, one of which will be a BASFA auction item next time I am there. The other goes to my Baltimore sister. Put those in the car and got my netbook, and hung out in their cafe, which has lower prices and slower service than *$s. But also more available seats. Got bored after a while, shut the PC down and went outside, and remembered I had completely forgotten to do the irony thing which I had in mind out at the car. So I sat on a bench in front of Borders, fired up the netbook and connected to their free wi-fi again, and ordered a Kindle book from Amazon.

To be fair, I looked for the paper version of Learning Perl in Borders, and they did not have it.

This is something I should have done a month ago, brush up on my Perl scripting, because everyone is asking for it. I hacked a lot of Perl for CGI scripts when I was first building my web page, and learned enough to be dangerous, but it has been a couple of years since I've used it.

Home, made a late lunch omelet with best-of-the-egg, low-sodium bacon strips, a very strong extra sharp Wisconsin cheddar and four kinds of sheep cheese. And black olives. Delicious.

Set Tivo to record the Doctor Who intro and first episode of the now-current season, and went out on the balcony to enjoy the non-raining, calm weather. Both cats followed me up there.

At 7, I was in the livingroom watching the Dr. Who Rewind, and being heartbroken that (a) there was no Sarah Jane tribute and (b) Matt Smith gets harder to watch every minute, and I'm not too thrilled with his companion, either. The first episode started with the episode, I may watch later to see if they snuck in any Elisabeth Sladen homage, but somehow I don't think they did. Will have to follow Youtube instead.

Up to my room with the Kindle, fast forwarded through three chapters of pure crap in the Perl book and finally got to the part where they actually show some code. Also downloaded a 64-bit Windows 7 version of ActivePerl onto the PC for later fun and games.

Plans for tomorrow:
Bite the head off a hollow dark chocolate rabbit
Open one jar of my self-canned pickles and have a taste
Call CVS to find out if they have my insulin in stock yet
The rest depends on the weather
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