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Bunnies, Pickles and the Russian Women's Ski Team

Plans for today included:

Biting the head off of a dark chocolate bunny. Done. Russel Stover's idea of dark chocolate was not worth hunting for.

Opening a jar of the home made pickles (the ones made from the skinny Japanese cucumbers) and doing the taste test. Done. OMG they are strong! Literally took my breath away. The good news: The seals are solid. Needed a knife to pop the lid. They are very dill, which was one of the objects of the experiment. I finished one at 10:30 am and there are no side effects as of 4:30 pm. They will make killer cuke slices for burgers. The bad news: They are overcooked, maybe by about 5 minutes. These are not eating pickles - too strongly vinegar, and not crunchy. The grape leaf did not do its job. If I go to BASFA tomorrow, I think I'll slice up this jar's pickles for sampling and auction off a sealed jar, if there is any interest after people have had samples.

Picked up a flat rate USPS Priority Mail box to ship a book to Baltimore sister.

Eye candy Starbucks with netbook & Kindle to brush up on Perl. This required downloading ActivePerl. After writing some simple programs in Notepad, downloaded and installed Kimodo editor. And am downloading VMware so I can run a Linux environment on the netbook, which would mean downloading another ActivePerl for Linux. That may be overkill, cygwin may be a better work-around.

When I got here the place was almost empty, but soon two very skinny young women parked themselves in easy view to my right, very pretty if you like runway models. Then another waif and her way too hunky BF took seats to my left. All four were later greeted by two slightly older, less skinny women with amazing legs, and squeed in Russian for a while before the two newcomers took seats outside to engage in incendiary activities. I'm calling the group the Russian Women's Ski Team. They are too tall for gymnastics...

When I first got here, there were a couple of Asian women and men scattered around the room, they have all gone, and now the whole padded bench row behind me is populated by bored-looking Asian men  with laptops. 3 Apples, 4 PCs.

And now I am kind of stalling while VMWare downloads. I may shut this down and go home before it finishes - their download manager will pick up where I left off, and my N wireless connection at home is at least 10x faster than the G they have here.

I see on FB & Twitter a few of my BASFA friends & acquaintances have been nominated for Hugo awards. maurinestarkey, johnnyeponymous, seanan_mcguire, britgeekgrrl among others. Yay!

Plans for tomorrow:
CVS, P/U insulin
Take my first 2 doses of sulfa drug for pre-procedure
Play with Perl some more
Mail the book to Baltimore
BASFA (?) Yeah, the meetings don't run that late, I should be able to be up & at the hospital by 8 Tuesday morning. They're going to put me right back to sleep anyway. ;-)
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