Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not so bad for a Monday

Started the day with my first dose of sulfa drug. The label says 3ml. That's less than a teaspoon. Doctor said put it in juice to dilute the bad taste, so I put it in Crystal Lite orange - as close to Tang as you can get with 0 calories. Did not taste it hardly at all.

CVS had my high-test insulin prescription ready to pick up, and thanks to their brilliant pharmacist who 'splained the simple math to my doctor's numerically challenged assistant, all my prescriptions are finally on file in their correct forms and amounts. This has only taken two doctors assistants, three pharmacies and just short of five months. Calloo Callay.

Dropped off a present for Baltimore sister at the PO. Very heavy book + audio player contraption on which flat rate priority mail saved me about about $10. I will be auctioning off an identical one at BASFA tonight. johnnyeponymous will probably squee over it, and let someone else win. The cover price is almost $40, but it was in the clearance bin, and maybe it will fetch the sale price. Maybe.

Got a call while I was in Pet Club (thanks AT&T for once again not making my phone ring when there was plenty of signal) from the recruiter who has set up a phone interview for me last week. They want me to come in for a real interview. He has to arrange it with their HR people, and we were hoping for later today, but that did not happen. Thursday or Friday is my next available time.

filbo will be happy to hear I successfully installed VMWare Player on my netbook, but it thinks the Fedora ISO I used for the OS is Ubuntu. Used Ubuntu on VMWare at Netflix, did not like many things about Ubuntu, including the name. Installed perl, and wrote a few programs in vi. After I was done practicing for the afternoon, I remember gEdit, which shows missing quotes, semicolons and other syntax foobars. And it's easier to cut & paste in. I got a lot done. Learned how to write to and read from a file, got good at writing loops and reading arguments from the command line. 

Found the CBBC tribute to Elisabeth Sladen which BBCA did not run. Don't have or want CBBC on my cable line-up.

Bought new collars for the cats (safety collars) which were long overdue. The last week's vet visit they put the collars on the carriers instead of on the cats, and I noticed that the tops of both were very worn and stiff. Transferred their tags, and with a little more chasing them down than  really should have been necessary, put them on the kitties. Domino curled up in her bed on the sofa, Pumpkin inserted his mass between the right arm of the recliner and my tummy, and purred loudly.

Plans for the near future:

BASFA (pickles, book & bunny) tonight
Angiogram tomorrow. I expect to be offline until Wednesday. But I could surprise us.

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