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Disgusted with people mocking Donald Trump's hair and saying rude things about him because he succeeded where no one else has, in finally putting to bed the question of whether Obama could cough up a real birth certificate. And disgusted with Obama that after years of letting the controversy simmer, makes a speech about how we have more important things to worry about. IMHO there is nothing more important than the legality of the election of the Leader of the Free World. And it shows a tremendous lack of common sense and judgment, and a lack of transparency not to show the proof you have as soon as you are asked for it.

Trump responded to the release of the long form of Obama's birth certificate with grace and good will. And yes, the showmanship one expects from someone whose flamboyance is his trademark in the business world.

Every time I apply for a job, I am required to provide proof of my citizenship. If someone won't accept my passport, I have the notary-sealed full-form certificate which was used to obtain my passport. When I was issued my first passport, it had a copy of my birth certificate stapled in the back.

The following is strictly Devil's Advocate teasing, not to be taken as meaning I don't think Obama is my rightful President: If the "birthers" want to continue doubting, they still have two more avenues to pursue. Obama's father was a citizen of Kenya, and as such his son could have chosen Kenyan citizenship at the age of 18. I don't believe anyone has searched Kenya's records for Barak Jr.'s possible passport/citizenship papers. When his mother remarried, her husband was a citizen of Indonesia, and moved the family there, and may have adopted his step-son, in which case Obama may be a citizen of Indonesia. Again, I don't recall anyone looking into this either.
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