Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Casque of A Macchiato

The fellow ahead of me just picked up a macchiato. I have no idea what that is, but it sounds like something out of an Edgar Alan Poe novel. Looked it up, it means "stained". Yup, Poe. Espresso with just enough milk to make a mark. Poison would never be noticed. Which reminds me of some lyrics from the song "Love Is A Simple Thing":
"Love is the mating call
When you've sealed him in the wall"
Well, not exactly from the song,  they are sung by the composer, Arthur Siegel, on his concert album. I don't know if the original lyricist, June Carroll, approved.

Woke up too early this morning, did my usual online job search (nothing), received more than the usual number of recruiter hits for jobs I am not remotely qualified for from people whose names wreak of the Subcontinent™. Plus one for a job in Utah which I could do if they gave me an NFL quarterback's salary and paid for the lobotomy. Had breakfast, at about 10:30 phoned the Moto recruiter, who took a while to remember who I was, can't say I blame him, last night must have been a zoo for him. He said he would walk my resume around and call back. He never called. No surprise - my resume has been on the Moto job site for two years, updated last month when I applied for a job which I did not hear back from.

As soon as I was off the phone, the recruiter for tomorrow's interview called. He's a nervous guy, part of which stems from not knowing if they are looking at me as a contractor or regular employee. And part of it stems from him wanting to make a commission, which is fine.

Went to OSH, and among other things got a daylight fluorescent lamp to replace the very green one in the livingroom, so lironess should see better colors on furball hall cam when the light is on.
best viewed on Internet Explorer with ActiveX. Log in as visitor/visitor to get audio (there is no audio in any other browser).
Also hooked up another wireless cam, which may eventually become Hummingbird Cam. I'll give out the address when that's pointed at the feeder. For the next few nights I'll be using it as a sleep apnea monitor. You don't really want to see or hear that.

Also had a recorded call from PAMF to confirm my Monday appointment with the Thai urologist.

Did a lunch combo of pate & soft cheese on sourdough bites, followed by BBQ pork bits from Ranch 99.

Went out for a bit to my local Starbucks, wrote an entry but lost it when I told windows update to reboot. It was too cold and windy to go to the park. We're talking 35mph winds.

Home, watched the first dozen NFL draft choices  over an early dinner of roast pork in orange sauce. I am thoroughly disgusted - the early choices included too many players who were in serious trouble either legally or for rules violations, or both. Cam Newton going first was obscene. He and his father are manipulators, every other sentence is "we are blessed". Newton will wash out of the league as soon as he has a chance to be corrupted by his big paycheck. It was good, OTOH, to see Jake Locker go early. But WTF with the 49ers passing uphim and  some other good QBs to draft a defensive end first? That's the last position they need. Even if they are thinking to trade him.

And who is this Mel Kiper clown? He seriously needs to quit ESPN and get a job with ad agencies doing voice-overs for legal disclaimers and pharmaceutical side effects. So many words come out of his mouth per second that I was expecting a sonic boom as his head broke the sound barrier and exploded. I tried hitting the mute button until I saw the commish come up to the podium, but Kiper was always still talking.

Tomorrow we have more important things. Need to get my nails done first thing. Shuttle launch is slated for 12:30 PDT. Interview is at 2. Also need to change the litterboxes.

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