Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Fude Nuze

Went to Whole Wallet Foods to check out their gourmet cheese section. It took a while to find it - that place is a maze.  Signage is weird - you can only see it once you are right on top of it. The other side of the counter is the olive bar, but there is no sign pointing to the cheese from that side.

Bottom line: I left empty-handed. They have a plethora of hard cheeses, but not much in the way of triple-creams. Lots of brie, but those are boring.

Last night I popped a jar of the home-made pickles into the fridge which had been made from pickle cucumbers (the ones I had brought to BASFA were made from Japanese cucumbers, which are small but slender). Finished the whole jar today (okay, there were only 3 of them) and they were much crunchier. And not quite as overpowering. Pretty much what I'd had in mind when I made them.

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