Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Shooting Up

Did the Chore Which Must Not Be Named as soon as I was up & dressed & medicated. Now that it is not raining, the chore is no longer a big messy thing. I use the crystals, which absorb all the moisture and keep things from being a giant blob of nastiness - except when it rains a lot and the wind blows the water all over and the humidity is so high the crystals are over-saturated. The crystals stay drier longer if the covers are removed from the boxes, allowing sunshine and air flow, so the covers are off. Pumpkin likes this, because he is much taller and a bit wider than the covers. The chore was followed by the dumpster run, which is ever so much nicer when it is 70 degrees out and sunny.

Had a pickle out of the second jar of the home made pickles which were made from the standard pickling cukes. I am becoming an addict. I must find more pickling cukes.

I had just enough time to go online and make reservations for National Train Day next Saturday. I get triple points for train trips on the day, double points for trips from then till the 23rd or so. Two years ago I went to Santa Barbara, but my stay there was marred by a huge forest fire which changed the weather to something like Seattle with heavy smog. Last year I went to SLO, because the band which was playing at the station when we made our stop there was awesome, and they were going to be playing again. That time I got to listen to them for hours, and loved it.  The return trip by train takes too long, so I am doing the train-bus thing, taking the Pacific Surfrider from SBA to SLO, then the Amtrak bus to SJC from there. If they ever get a high speed train, I'm on it.

Finished just in time to get to Fair Oaks Park for Scarlett Rumor's modeling event, tons of models invited, the draw was two stars whom I have never heard of, but all the models had, making an appearance. Scarlett lined up many makeup artists, and there were a couple of people selling jewelry and cosmetics, and one selling energy drinks. I took lots of photos, some very attractive models, and some amazing shoes. And some models who had some attributes which models should have, but clock-stopping faces or figures which were more cigar-shaped than hourglass. Almost everyone there would be able to find a modeling niche somewhere, I think. Out of the whole crowd, there were two women who Had It All, and two or three who had enough of it to not need to worry about the rest.

An attractive blond who is a little older than most of the models chatted me up, gave me her card, and said she also does makeup and is planning a similar event on a Sunday later in May, date TBA. After we chatted a while, she clued me in that she is Scarlett's sister. Scarlett went the body builder route, Laura decided willowy blonde was more her style. It works.

I took a lot of candids, and  a few posed sets. Those are being transferred to the PC at home as I sit here in *$s on the netbook.

Really should have gone to see friends in either Cabaret at Sunnyvale, or Squabbles at Santa Clara. Too late now. Maybe next week, Thursday or Friday.

Made a stop at Safeway for club soda and chocolate milk, had a faux egg cream when I got those home. Also found a California soft (cow's milk) cheese packaged in the shape of a pear, which I'll snack on Real Soon Now. And a pound each of ground turkey, ground lamb and ground bufallo, which will probably become Thai (paneang curry) meatballs from a recipe in my friend Nancie's Quick and Easy Thai cookbook.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the sun
Los Altos May Day festival at the museum. There is usually a lot to photograph there.
More pickle consumption

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