Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

A Diet Coke and A Smile

Even if the job hunt was hit upside the head double today, the day wasn't all bad. It started with one of the models I'd shot last weekend sending me an address to mail a CD of her photos. I was up and out early, blame the very hot weather, took my camp chair to a local park and sat by the lake, watching Canada geese and several sets of goslings of different ages. Weird, because usually I see different sets of the same age. Posted some craptastic quality iPhone videos on FB. Read some more Chesterton on the Kindle. There was a lot of fast page flipping when he started getting into a pedantic essay on capitalism vs. bolshevism which was utterly devoid of his usual sense of humor.

There's a nice café with lots of shaded outdoor seating, and I had their pretty decent fish & chips & a diet coke.

Went downtown to a park behind the library which had good cell and wi-fi signals, and not much noise, and waited for the phone call from the Moto manager. Instead I got a call from the recruiter who had arranged the interview with rgb networks, telling me he is confused, they passed on me. Which is when the Moto manager called, so I dumped the recruiter for that interview. It was iffy. The job is with the cell phone group and I've never worked on QA for cell phones. I don't think that one is going anywhere, but I would not be disappointed if it did.

And then to the library to slurp up their air conditioning, because it was 85° outside. And also to slurp up some power because my iPhone battery was down to 20%. Their aircon upstairs was not quite up to the task, and downstairs all the available seats were on the sunny side by the windows. Checked my email, and there was a lovely message from the other model I'd shot last weekend, squeeing about how good the photos are on her CD, and wanting to do some more shoots with me. I hope we can figure out something, she is charming and very photogenic, and right now she's mostly interested in building up her portfolio.

Signed up for a photo shoot later in the month, then looked at my calendar and I have a band concert that day. Boo, hiss. Will have to un-sign up. But I think I'll wait till it has a waiting list.

Stopped by OSH, picked up a 3-way light socket to convert the 1-way lamp in the livingroom so it can use the 150W-equivalent daylight bulb. On the 1-way I only get 50W-eq. Also got some sanding sponges to scrape the glue off the dashboard which I'd used to mount the GPS before I got the in-dash unit. As I was pulling into the parking lot, the pharmacy called, the one I was in walking distance of before I went to OSH, to let me know that a prescription which lists for $700 that I did not think my insurance covered actually was covered, after my doctor did some extra paperwork, and it was available for pickup for $70. Much better. So I went and got that.

Dinner was a two part snackfest. I fried up a pair of roti, and reheated the Penaeng curry left over from last night's dinner, and did some dipping. Then after my mouth was no longer on fire, I finished the Lingot d'Argental cheese slice I'd started working on last night. The baguettes were all rock-hard stale so I had it straight up. Yummy stuff.

Last night I also tried this cheese called Delice de Bourgogne. It tastes just like Philadelphia cream cheese. Only more expensive, and it has a rind instead of a foil wrapper. It reminds me of that line in funny girl where he orders paté de foie gras, she tastes it and says "Ooh! Chopped liver!" :-)

Took some time to arrange the 78s playlist on the iPhone into a folder structure which I can live with. Eventually I'll add titles and artists, but it's more than 300 tunes, some in Yiddish and Hungarian.

Plans for tomorrow:
None. Considered seeing some friends in Cabaret, but remembered that the only thing I like about that show is the older couple's musical numbers. And I don't need something that dark right now.
I guess I'll change out the light socket. And maybe I ought to get the bike ready to ride. So funny, it has been too cold and wet, now it's too hot.
Tags: food, job hunt, photography

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