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Started the day working

Until I remembered that today is "Christmas Day - Observed". I'm on call, but unless the pager beeps I have the day off.

So I did all the grocery shopping I had put off until the ugly annoying Jesus muzak had been turned off for the year, and was quite amazed that the big newly-remodeled and expanded Safeway on Bernardo off El Camino was COMPLETELY OUT OF MILK PRODUCTS! Including egg nog. So I went to Albertson's down the road, and they were fully stocked in that department. However, they did not have a single checker working - everyone had to use their self-checkout stations, which are seriously broken. It took 10 minutes for me to buy 6 items, because the attendant was busy fixing the other machines, and the stupid program requires an attendant to log in if you remove an item from your queue, and the receipt printer jammed.

Starting tomorrow, I'm working the rest of the week, except Friday, when I will make pigs 'n' blankets for farmount's party, and am looking forward to going to scenic Livermore to give scendan and hopefully also _oy_ their souvenirs of Thailand. I spent an hour or so yesterday preparing those, Plan A was to pick one out for each of them and put it in a pretty box, but in the end I decided I would let them choose for themselves.

I'm wondering, which is more humane. Take my poll:

When giving gifts from a collection of similar items, it is better to:

Let the recipients choose for themselves
Pick one for them, guessing at which one they would like best
Let them pick one out of a bag blindfolded
Pick one for them at random
None of the above, you idiot!
All of the above

The items come in blue and brown. Which would you prefer?


BTW, it is not a pony or a plastic rocket ship (sorry _oy_). It is smaller than a breadbox, and way smaller than a church door. It can be eaten, but I would not recommend that. Some assembly may be desired, but not required. I have no evidence of it being popular amongst Jedi knights, hobbits, Browncoats, Federation officers or Empire Stormtroopers. On the other hand, I have no evidence that it is not. It is not mentioned in the dark Tower books 1-6. Can't say for sure about book 7, since that is still in my bookcase waiting for me to resume weight training. I just thought of another Tolkien hint, but that would give it away, so I won't go there.

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