Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Not Much Humping Today

Not knowing how long it would take to have the car maintenanced, today's schedule was wide open. 

Breakfast was white fist on a plain bagel with Delice de B cheese melted on it.  This expensive French cheese tasted like normal cream cheese when I first tried it, which is why it got bagelized. While it is just like Philadelphia cream cheese cold, heated it is like Philadephia cream cheese which hadn't showered lately. Taste was fine but it smelled mildly of road kill. Kind of like the durian of cream cheeses.

Dropped the car off a little after 9, walked half a block to the bus stop to wait for the 9:33 #32. Which never arrived. At 9:48 I started walking, and of course as soon as I was in sight of my stop the bus passed by. I had my netbook in my knapsack, and the plan was to park for a while at the local Starbucks, but it was full and there was a long line so I just walked home instead.

Got the microwave packed up and ready to ship back. Waited for a recruiter to call about a contract at Tivo, but she didn't. At about 11:30 the Toyota place called, the car was done, sort of. The recall part, which my car definitely needs (part of the recall was to check lot numbers), is out of stock. Apparently the notice was sent just before the tsunami screwed up delivery. I looked at the bus schedule, and walked, since I just missed the hourly bus.

Got the car, came home, loaded up the microwave and took it to UPS. Home again, cooked up two of the turkey sausages for lunch, watched some Maury and some The Talk, and last night's The Voice.

Voice was almost total fail for me. Three of the four winners I thought were the better voice. I thought it was Just Plain Stupid to have members of the same team compete with each other. And it wasn't really a competition, because they were all duets. I'm pretty close to removing the show from my Tivo schedule.

Checked the mail, my unemployment dole was there, took that to the ATM, and now I'm at *$s waiting for Janice. She has a new Motorola Atrix phone, wants me to help her figure it out. It's her first smartphone, and though she is really very competent with electronics, she thinks she is not, so I help her. It's usually easy, she's pretty smart.

Plans for tomorrow:
Blood test
Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal
Lots of padding in between
Tags: car, food, job hunt

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