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Around The World in 20 Minutes

Today's afternoon adventure was a trip to the World Market, which I have passed by many times a week for the past 4 or 5 years without stopping by. It's on a divided street, and is set back from the road enough that if you're not looking for it you won't see it till you have passed the driveway. I took about 20 minutes to walk through the store, saw a few things I wanted to buy, grabbed a basket and scooped some of them up. The way I would describe this store is it has a huge selection of foods from around the world which I have not seen anywhere else, and probably don't want to see at all. The Middle Eastern fare has a huge overlap with Mountain View's Arab market, but World Market has more variety, and the store is neater and cleaner. In addition to Arab and Israeli food, they have Eastern European (several varieties of frozen pirogi, for instance), some Greek, lots of German items, and  the entire selection of Knorr soup and dip mixes.

Prices are high, but the items are generally hard to find. I bought a honeycomb, a pint of Croatian herring in cream sauce, Polish sauerkraut, a bag of frozen Ukrainian pirogi, an almond coffee cake from an LA kosher bakery, and a roll of German liver paté. I also had my eye on a jar of grape leaves, but wanted to stay under $40.

Somehow I avoided buying any of their wide and esoteric selection of chocolates. They have made a huge mistake locating the chocolates display just to the right of the door, because in order to enter the store, one must somehow get past the very large person perusing the display, because there always seems to be one. There is not room for more than one.

The rest of the day was mostly routine. I answered three or four job postings on DICE, a nice surprise on a weekend. Hung around with the cats listening to the rain and wind come and go in waves. My little corner of Mountain View did not get hailed on. I would have liked the variety. Knowing the weather report yesterday, I put the hoods back on the litterboxes when I changed them, but the wind was blowing the other way so they stayed relatively dry.

The shopping list went like this:
Yellow incandescent bug lamp
20 lbs of dry cat food
A big jar of tropical fish food flakes
A pair of Jewel Cichlids (optional)
KFC $10 bucket of chicken
Whatever I found at World Market worth buying

First stop was Petco, which has the best price on the cat food and fish food. They had no Jewels. Safeway for the zucchini, and also got bananas, wheat bread, and a birthday card for my middle sister. OSH was disappointing - it was "we pay the tax" weekend, but they did not have any incandescent yellow light bulbs. Can't use the energy-savers because they don't work with the light-sensor attachment which turns the light off during the day. KFC was next door, so I walked there for the chicken. And I told you what I bought at World Market.

While I was in the OSH parking lot, a recruiter in AZ called, about one of the DICE jobs. He said he had several which I might fit, but that just means he doesn't understand the industry I'm in. As we were talking some moron teenager in the back seat of a Prius set off its alarm, that annoying el cheapo car horn alarm.

Home, stashed everything. Watched the Sharks game from close to the end of the second period until the Canucks scored twice in the third to take the lead. Sharks have only come back from something like that once lately, I did not think it woud happen again. I see it didn't. Somewhere in there I ordered yellow light bulbs online.

Plans for tomorrow:
Make an appointment for the car recall, they sent a postcard yesterday that the part arrived.
Nephrologist in the afternoon
BASFA, probably.
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