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Well It *was* Monday Just a Little While Ago

Woke up 10 minutes after my 5:45 alarm was supposed to go off, which turned out to be just enough time to fire up the PC, launch NASA TV and watch the final minute and a half countdown to shuttle launch. NASA TV rotated views at all the wrong times, so I waited half an hour for the replays of each single-camera view. I am so glad they have finally decided to retire the fleet, something which should have been done 15 years ago. I am also deeply touched by the love story of Mark Kelly and Gabrielle Giffords, and Mark's twin brother Scott who played astronaut tag team the past month.

Back to sleep after the successful launch.

Was woken up by a call from the nephrologist's office asking if I could come in at 11:30 am instead of 4:30 pm. Yes, sure. No other plans.

It was raining and blowing hard, and I was in no mood to walk to the end of the carport to see if PG&E were blocking the dumpster. They pack it in by 6 pm, I figured I would haul the garbage out then.

Checked the job postings, nothing doing there. Usually isn't on a Monday. No recruiter calls either, which is odd. The usual smattering of email from people with Indian names for jobs way out of my area, usually for positions I'm not qualified for or interested in. A former co-worker shot me two possibles, but one was too far to commute to, the other was more managerial than I want to be.

Saw the doctor, he made a small adjustment to my meds, will go back in a month.

Parked at the Starbucks near Borders (Borders was a nice experiment, but the café staff is often nowhere to be found, and I was low on cash anyway).  Pretty busy at noon, I was there till about 3.  While there I loaded up Chrome and Safari to see if they would do as replacements for Firefox 4.  Nope. Chrome is missing some key features, and has a bad habit of not connecting on the first try with links in email. Safari would not load my cookies, passwords and toolbar links from Firefox or MSIE, and it was painfully slow bringing up pages. So, back to Firefox. MSIE is so hosed after the last update...

Went home by way of an ATM. Cuddled with Pumpkin, with Domino curled up in the cat bed on the sofa next to me. Read a bit of Mark Twain on the Kindle. Watched a little TV, napped a little. Mini weird day dream: As I dozed off, I dreamed a little elf or sprite or nymph or something like Tinkerbell was hovering like a hummingbird in front of my face. She said "Aha! He's in there! " and pried open my left eye. IRL my left eye opened and I was awake.

Opened another jar of pickles and sampled the slices from the top. Good stuff. Now that they have set for a week, they are as strong as I like them, and nice and crunchy. Maybe a little more vinegar next time.

Off to BASFA a little after 7. Lots of puns in me tonight, got a few groans. Did not win any auction items, but most were books, and I am pretty much addicted to the e-readers. I'm looking for one which can be read in sunlight or no light. The Kindle is great if there is light, but without light it is a FAIL. I have a little lamp for it, but who wants to carry something like that around?

Home, still lousy weather. Dumpster run delayed.

Plans for tomorrow:
Morning appointment for the car recall which they did not have the part of last week.  It will be ugly weather, so I'll wait in the dealership while they work on it.
No other plans. How boring.

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