Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

D Day

After an initial cold and cloudy morning, the wind died down enough and the temperature rose enough to go to my favorite outdoor pool (which is heated starting in May) and did my best Moby Dick imitation in the water and on a deck chair for the 45 minutes or so that conditions stayed amenable. I left when the men with the harpoons arrived.

The plan was to lounge around there till 6 or so (which I did) and then go to a lovely coffee shop called Crema Coffee, which has yummy ham and cheese croissants, various cakes and excellent mint tea. It took 10 minutes to find parking, two blocks away, and when I got there every seat in the house, and on the patio, was taken. Harumph. So I drove a few blocks the other direction and found free parking at Starbucks, where I chai-ed myself and did some things on the computer, sitting by the window looking out on The Alameda. There were only three other people in the place.  And noticed something new. Across the street is a brand new Peet's. With hilarious window  writing which proclaims they are celebrating their 40th year from March till May. As if. I could have bought a "grand opening" sign.  But looking through their window, they were doing much more business.

After a few minutes I found out why. This Starbucks chooses their music for maximum customer repulsion. And plays it too loudly. One of the staff was participating in the Olympic explosive sneezing trials, and I bet she makes team captain. I am not sure if this is the same staffer who dropped a tray of something which shattered on the floor behind the counter. Other than the noise (I have earphones, so I can mostly block it out) it is one of the more intelligently laid out Starbucks branches.

When I was done playing on the netbook, it was about 8:30, and still light outside, so I picked myself up and drove home after a quick pit stop. This is one of several branches which has installed keypad locks on the restroom doors. 4545. I can see why for this one, because someone can come in through the back door, use the restroom, and go out the back door without ever being seen by an employee. And it is in downtown, near a couple of prep schools and a college and there is a lot of non-customer traffic. The one at the late-night Mountain View branch is ridiculous - you have to go past the barista to get to the restrooms, and it's in an out of the way small shopping center which does not have much non-customer traffic.

Home, made Ukranian pirogies for dinner, dumped them into chicken broth when they were done. Yummy. Lunch had been Penaeng meatballs with roti, which was also yummy.

At Starbucks the netbook scooped up email, and there was the NorCal RPCV newsletter which I shouldn't be getting because I dropped out of the group more than a year ago, so I nuked it. I was editor of the newsletter for 5 years back in the late 80s-early 90s, and when I left the group it was transitioned to D.B., a lovely woman from Sonoma whose husband had been president of the board for some of the time I was there. Both had served in the Peace Corps, the husband was also a veteran and his career was with the VA hospital up there. It was always a joy to see them at events.  At home I get all the email on the main PC, so I took a quick peek at the newsletter, and the top story is D.B. passed away May 8. That is so sad.

Plans for tomorrow:
Find a condolence card to send to Alan
Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsal

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