Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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I am about 12 years old, walking over a hill in the city, one of those areas which is still undeveloped, and I am searching for a small bush which can be used as a spice, something like sage, but the dream doesn't say exactly which spice. The hill is mostly barren, some weeds and dried up plants, but nothing green.  I find several different possibles during a couple of hours of walking and searching, which I put into my day pack, but I can't be sure because there are no leaves or buds.
New dream
Me and my brush-filled day pack are in the livingroom of S, a theater friend (in the dream and IRL) of 25 years with whom I am still in touch. She also is a regular at Dickens Faire. Two or three other children are there too, and I am showing them the bushes. S looks at each one, names it, describes what it is good for (chamomile, good for making tea for curing your parakeet's diarrhea). She pulls one bush from the pack, shakes it at me and says "fennel".  Her tone tells me this is not the spice I am looking for, but it's a rare find nonetheless. She will use it at Dickens Faire.
I am back on the hill, with a better idea of what I am looking for, and that I won't find it here.

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