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Went to see Squabbles at Santa Clara Players because my friend Sarah was in it, and it had been too long since I've been to a show there (I've been in one and directed another there). Was pleasantly surprised to also see my Jekyll & Hyde buddy Mary in the show too, and George, who had produced the show I directed, was at the ticket booth and also did the set design and programs.

The show is a comedy about a young couple where the wife's father is living with them, and soon the husband's mother joins them as well. Curmudgeon vs. Battleaxe. Lots of witty dialog, well-drawn characters, and the show moved along at a good clip. Well-directed and while the lighting plot was "on/off" that's really all you need in a livingroom sitcom, and the stage was evenly lit. Phone conversations in the script were mostly 2-way, and I would have preferred the other side to come in over a speaker rather than shouted from backstage, but that's a nit-pick.

The last show is May 21, 8 pm, I highly recommend it if you survive the rapture.

Plans for tomorrow:
Enjoy the pre-rapture sunshine
The Tavern at Foothill College. I know at least three of the cast, all redheads. Yes, it's an Irish show. No, none of them are of Irish descent (one Latvian, one of British descent and Ethel Merman's grand-nephew).  Looked at the cast list, and make that 5 friends, 4 of whom are redheads. The 4th of French extraction.
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