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Apartment - All Moved In - With Photos

I started this at work this afternoon, but lost it all when a link which should have opened in another window opened in LJ instead, wiping out about 20 minutes of pristine prose and carefully hand-crafted URLS. But enough whining...

The last box was emptied, broken down and recycled this weekend. Then I took pictures of the huge evergreen tree which is my view from the patio. It took three 28mm wide-angle frames to fit it all, and I still didn't get all the crown in. I think it's cedar, but in this neck of the woods it could also be a sequoia (giant redwood). This links to the composite photo.

Besides the tree, I'd had requests to show my CD rack, so here is a photo of that.

I was about to run out of space on my one rack, and wanted an identical one so there would be room for expansion, and it took me a while to find what I was looking for. Friends who knew I was looking had a difficult time understanding what the problem was. There are CD racks all over the place. Trouble is, they are all stupidly designed for a large collection. I keep all my CDs in alphabetical order within a few basic groups. Most of the collection are popular music - Jann Arden, Avril Levigne, Frank Sinatra, Jimmy Buffet, Barenaked Ladies, The Clancy Brothers, Pia Zadora, etc. The second biggest section is show tunes. Then there are almost as many classical CDs, followed by a small collection of odds and ends like sound effects, filk, Howeird's Grossest Hits, Balkan folkdances, Sousa marches, national anthems from around the world, compilations of my favorite tracks, and so on.

The only way for me to find anything is to keep them alphabetized. That means when I get a new CD, it needs to slide into place in the right location. Those single-CD slotted racks won't let you do that. Neither do most of the towers. I just need a simple book case with CD-sized shelves. Is that too much to ask?

Anyhow, I finally found something close to what I was looking for at Tower Records in Mountain View, stuffed in the walkway between the CD and video sections. It's solid unfinished wood, one piece, and matches my existing rack almost exactly.

There are photos of the front, side and back of the place, and of the livingroom which is divided into piano parlor and entertainment center. There are a couple of shots of the cats in their food/water/scratching post area which other folks would have made into a dining room, but I eat in front of the TV, so why bother?

I've shown the Thai temple rubbings which are now hung on the wall (I had them framed in 2000), and also my Mardi Gras bead art is to the right of the piano. I should take a better picture.

Here's the story. A little more than a year ago, I took a vacation to New Orleans. October is a good time to buy stuff there because it is months before Mardi Gras and also way before winter break, and the Bourbon Street vendors are hungry. So I bought a bunch of beads to take back, and gave them out to friends. But I ran out before everyone at work got one. So I went online and found Mardi Gras Imports where I ordered, for less than I paid in NOL, many more beads.

Way too many

I gave away all I could, but was still left with a fair number. They lived on (and off) a hanger in the closet for weeks, but they were always falling off and also getting tangled up. So what to do? Hang them on the wall, of course. How? On a tie rack. Two tie racks. Which I ordered online from Home Storage USA a pair of item number 82724.

Mounted them on the wall side by side, hung the beads on the tie pegs, varying the colors somewhat randomly, and voila.

Not only are they Art, they show me when we've had an earthquake.

The rest of the pictures are here


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