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Lady Gag-me and Justin Logfloater on SNL

I usually do not watch Saturday Night Live, because my channel surfing occasionally brings me there, the skits are lame and the musical guests less than musical. I tuned in tonight to see what use they would make of Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga. Justin because one of my Hollywood theater friends said he was worth watching when he was allowed to cut loose, and Lady Gaga because I caught a glimpse of the end of one of her routines on some awards show, and what I saw contradicted the impression I previously had of her being all about glitz and bling and not about talent.

The skits they were in were pretty good. I especially got a kick out of the threesomes song. Lady Gaga's music/dance numbers were a bit of a WTF for me. Call me old fashioned, but IMHO when a person has a great voice (and knows how to use it) there's no need to don a black vinyl leotard with fishnets and a headdress which looks like it can pick up 986 satellite channels just to sing a ballad. And black vinyl is not a good enough look for Gaga for her to have done all her song & dance numbers in it. Silver and/or lamé would have given some variety. Or even white vinyl.

I think SNL's audio staff is going to hear it from her, because her hand mike and her head mike cut out a lot during two of the numbers.

Bottom line is I liked them both more than I expected to.  And I like Lady G's voice enough to look up some of her tunes. I'll skip the videos, though. :-)
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