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Was up till 3 am - something which happens when I see a show and then watch TV. I don't lose track of time, it just takes a while on the computer to unwind. Slept in. Way in.  Almost 11. Amusing, because when I was in high school, getting up before noon on a Sunday was a rare occurrence.

Did the online stuff I needed to do, had lunch, and headed out what I thought was an hour early to a photo shoot at Alum Rock Park. The back gate of the park. My GPS brought me to what used to be the Alum Rock Road entrance, but it's closed, and it took 20 minutes to drive around to the main entrance. Luckily there was a map on the "road closed" sign. Big surprise when I got to the front gate, is there's a $6 parking fee. The shoot organizer didn't mention this. Second big surprise is  it takes another 20 minutes to get from the front gate to the back of the park, so all in all I was only about 10 minutes early.

Once enough photogs and one model had gathered, we walked about 10 minutes to the spot the organizer had gotten a permit to shoot at.  Long story short, within the hour there were two models and 22 photographers, and not nearly enough options for shooting. It was a total paparazzi scene, and I have never seen so many Type A rude photographers at a model shoot before.

I had a decent telephoto with me, so I did get some good shots, but it was annoying to have people park themselves in front of me while I was shooting.

One model is a petite olive complected woman of about 19, and I got some outstanding shots of her. The other is a bleached blond with lighter skin, average height, whose long nose and narrow face and horrible eye makeup made getting great pictures of her a challenge. I took as many pictures of the three ring circus that was the shoot as I did of her. Both have great figures and were fun to work with.

I've done what Photoshopping needed to be done, and am uploading the photos to Flickr. One of the best shots is of the petite model's best girlfriend, who is not just camera shy, but has that psychic camera radar detector. So sad, because she has beautiful eyes, hair and skin. She doesn't have the figure, but my best work is faces.

Plans for tomorrow:
The usual job hunt stuff
BASFA, maybe.
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