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I'll put this here even though most of my friends who have a strong opinion  on the subject have defected to Facebook. 

It is a puzzlement. If a woman posts sexually suggestive pictures of herself online, is it "her fault" if she is stalked or in some other way harassed?

I have a problem with the concept of fault here, but not in the politically correct feminist way. I personally have no problem with any adults posting any images of themselves online. I don't take it as an invitation to anything. If I find the images sufficiently attractive, I might comment to that effect, and I might link a friend or three to the images.

Some people won't take any notice of the images at all, some will explode with moral outrage, some will be attracted enough to want to find out more about the person and a few will want to meet the person.

There are socially acceptable ways of reaching out to a person whose online images attract you, and for the unacceptable ones, IMHO this is why we have law enforcement.

Law enforcement may counsel the person to take down the images, but that is rather short-sighted. It's harder to catch a fish without bait.
Tags: philosophy, politics

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