Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Dromedary Day

Today feels like it is been on fast forward. Or chapter forward. The three things on my to-do list were done before noon, which is quite a feat because I wasn't even dressed till 10:30.

Lunch was corn dogs. Ho hum.

Took a drive to the old neighborhood in the unincorporated area between Menlo Park and Redwood City, and was happy to see my old house has been torn down and replaced by even lower income housing. And the railway underpass which was under construction forever is now in place and as is usually the case in the south bay, has been implemented to make it as difficult as possible to navigate.

On the way I saw a new Starbucks where there used to be a run-down Mexican strip mall. There were a bunch of men in uniforms out on the patio with "police" and "Sheriff" banners sewn onto the backs of their shirts. After I'd been here half an hour and they were all still here I counted heads - 11 of them. That's a lot of officers to be off the beat for that amount of time in a neighborhood which is not known for its lack of crime. Especially at the start of rush hour. On the bright side, that's 11 fewer cops giving speeding tickets on streets which are safe at 35 mph but have speed limits of 25mph or less.

Been here for more than an hour, and the man at the next table has not paused once in his one-sided conversation with the woman across from him. I'm not listening - between his annoying monologue and the inane hiphop being played in the cafe I've had the ear buds in for most of that time.

Listened to some tracks from Weird Romance, one of my favorite musicals. It was not a big hit when it opened in San Diego/LA a little after the Little Shop of Horrors movie came out. I think if it was revived off Broadway today it would be a big hit. It was too sci-fi for its time.

Now I'm plugged into Vixy & Tony's 13 album, mostly because I am a sucker for Vixy's song Emerald Green. But also because I bought the album for that track, and had never really listened to the whole thing before. I had no idea that the filktastic tune I've heard at many a con is Mal's Song, and the live recording of Siren Song is hilarious. I have loved Vixy since the first time I saw her, and watched Tony grown from being a backup guitar for some of the west coast filk bands to what he is now - one of the best guitarists in filkdom. IMHO.

Emerald Green is very special to me. My family moved to Seattle when I was 14, I went to high school and college there, and except for my 3 years in the Peace Corps/traveling when I was 25 I worked in Washington and Oregon for the next dozen years. And again in '97-99. The song came out around the time I was at Conflikt and spending most of my time visiting Mom in the nursing home. I gave her a copy of the CD, she loved this song. The song kind of explains why my parents decided to live out their lives in Seattle, when they could have lived anywhere.

Watching the traffic on Marsh Road. It's not too bad for 6 pm. I think I'll be having the last batch of Penaeng Curries meatballs with Roti for dinner, and will marinate the three turkey drumsticks for tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow:
Nothing special till 7, which is time to go to YOTB rehearsals. Our first concert is Sunday.


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