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Last night I marinated the turkey drumsticks in Madeira sprinkled with Hungarian paprika, thyme and fresh ground Indian pepper. After about 3 hours, sliced up an onion and put that on top, covered with aluminum foil and popped into a 400° oven for an hour, I set the oven to 375, but this oven has a way of its own.

After an hour flipped the drumsticks over and gave them another 10 minutes uncovered. The whole apartment smelled yummy all night.

This morning was kind of lazy, due to the new BP pills making me get up every hour on the hour to pee. :-(   Stayed in bed reading Mark Twain for a couple of hours, Domino kept me company. She loves the Kindle, it makes a great face scratcher.  Did the usual job hunt on the PC while nibbling on a PB&J sandwich. The new seltzer siphon is working great, made my usual lime-ade to go with the sandwich. That's my staple drink, hald a smjall lime or a quarter of a big one squeezed into a tumbler of seltzer & ice. Keeps the scurvy away.

At about 4:30 email from a friend reminded me I had promised her my four free July 4 Shoreline Amphitheater tickets. I'd been joining her crowd on and off for the last dozen or so years, but last year was not fun for me. I don't particularly like what passes for the SF Symphony in the summer, and while the fireworks are great, I can see them from my apartment balcony without the wind, mosquitoes and drunks. Not to mention the traffic. And I'll probably be at Westercon anyway. So I printed up the coupon and a copy of my PG&E bill, and drove to the box office to get the tickets. I will tease her a bit before I admit I have them.

Checked the snailmail box on the way to the car and my unemployment check was there. Should have been there yesterday. So I deposited it after getting tickets.

On the way back stopped off for an iced tea at Starbucks, and the services was spastic and slow. Took them 10 minutes, and there were only 2 people ahead of me. While I was standing there the phone rang, someone I could not hear above the horrible music and blender noise. Asked him to send me email. Found a table and started to get online, but the too-loud music and inane loud conversation at the previously empty next table drove me outside. Sent email to the guy whocalled and told him I was ready to take his call now. Which is when some bozo pulls up in front of where I'm sitting in a tricked out muffler-free monster pickup truck, opens the door and sits there smoking and playing bad music even louder than they were doing indoors. Someone else started smoking and talking on the phone in front of his truck, so I moved around the corner.

Phone call came in, it was someone from a contract agency which provides fodder for Cisco. This was the next step in that call from the telephone sweatshop Indian a couple of days ago. This fellow actually knew what he was talking about, and we did about half an hour of interview. He said he would pass my resume up the ladder.

Back home, vegged until a little before 7, time to go to rehearsals. It was lip torture. We played mostly numbers with parts at the top of the baritone range, and both me and the fellow who sits next to me pooped out on the last two numbers, and played an octave lower. Sunday's concert is going to be interesting, because we play for longer than we do at rehearsals, and except for two pieces we went over for the July 4 event we'll be playing those and more Sunday.

Home, heated up one turkey leg, some of the onions and sauce. Nom nom nom nom. Dessert was a shake with chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, malted milk and frozen banana sections. Also nom nom.

Plans for tomorrow:
Call the nails place and see if they can fit me in to repair a broken acrylic coating. It's too soon to do the whole nail fill, and I don't want to go through the long weekend with this jagged nail.
Choice in the evening between Baycon, A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court at Pear Ave or Tongue of a Bird opening at the Dragon. Probably the Mark Twain piece, since they close this weekend and Dragon openings are a bit gala for me. I'm probably blowing off Baycon again this year. Westercon is Real Soon and I am hoping I am employed soon so I can afford to take time off for Worldcon.
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