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Super Scooper

Got the litterboxes taken care of at about noon, hauled out to the dumpster around 2, along with the big cardboard boxes the last two sets of 6 refills came in. Would have been out sooner but got sucked into an Animal Planet episode of Alaska Wildlife Troopers. It was like watching life on a different planet.

On the shopping list for today:
- Windshield wipers (because the driver's side wiper has been squeaking, stuttering and not doing its job for weeks, on and off)
- Wiper fluid (because the bozoids at Toyota filled the tank with water, which made the wipers squeak even worse)
- Fishing weights, 15-lb test line, and something to attach the zucchini to
- A small American flag to put on the balcony railing

I figured Kragen would have the car stuff, and Target would have everything else. I figured wrong. Kragen did have the car stuff, but I had to settle for my 2nd favorite brand of wipers because they don't stock the size I need for the driver's side in my favorite brand. My Corolla has seriously WTF wiper sizes - 16 inches for the passenger side and 26 inches for the driver's side. Used to be both were the same size, and you bought them in pairs. Not so much anymore. But 26" is out of the range of some manufacturers. The fishing gear was because the plecosthemus (algae eater) in my big aquarium loves zucchini, but is a bottom feeder and zucchini floats. So I wanted to try anchoring a piece near the bottom.

Target was my first choice, but they only stock fishing kits for kids now, and it would have cost $12 for weights (I needed about $1.50's worth). I did not see any flags there either. So on to Walmart, which has a whole row of fishing gear and I spent way too much time trying to figure out which little plastic bag of weights went with which out of order price tag. Got the weights, line and a little bag of clasp swivels which worked fine for sticking into the squash. Also got some baked beans which were on sale for way cheap, and some body wash (I'll run out of my current stash in a month or so). And I had a choice at the check stand of 4 sizes of flags, I bought the medium size 4-pack. One is stuck into the railing and the other three I'll save for the concert tomorrow, in case someone in the band wants one.

Went online looking for a better music stand (mine is built for single page sheet music, our folders are way too big for it). Did not find what I was looking for. Thought of going shopping for one tomorrow, but that would probably make me late for the concert.

Lunch today was cold turkey leg, snack was chopped liver on Ritz crackers. Dinner will probably be pirogi. Or fish fillets.

Seeing sporadic Facebook snippets from Baycon. I am not missing it much.
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