Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

One Trick Day

Pumpkin has fallen into a pattern of spending the night downstairs on his sofa cushion, and coming upstairs at about 6:30 am or thereabouts and curling up near my feet. This morning was like that. But it's Sunday, and my alarm does not go off until 9, so I basically went back to sleep after the impact of a 20-pound of catquake. That's maybe a 3.5-4.0 on the Richter.

Did my usual job hunt (DICE.com sends me email lists for all the jobs which match some keywords - I have ones for tech support, video, QA, streaming media and technical training. If there are not matches, there is no email for that category. Being a Sunday of a 3-day weekend, there wasn't much, and I expect less tomorrow morning. The Indiots try phoning me again this morning, I let it go to voicemail, and deleted the voicemail. There was follow-up email from the caller which copied six other people (it's like the CYA Olympics over at Piepeople Consulting), claiming he had tried to call several times. Yeah, right. It's this kind of mendacity and misrepresentation which prompted me this morning to go to my email server and block all mail from his domain.

It was very windy this morning, but the sky was blue in every direction, so I did the layers thing. Concert uniform is white shirt & black pants, and a white cap if you have one. I don't have the official cap & shirt, they did not sell it last year but they will be taking orders at the next rehearsal. My only white T-shirt I made into a printed shirt, so it was going to be worn under my white dress short-sleeved shirt. 

If you feel so inclined, the design is available for sale on http://shops.cafepress.com/Shop/Edit/howeirdcreations.

But I digress. Dressed, too soon for the concert, too late for lunch, made some popcorn. Domino jumped up on the arm of the recliner as I started eating, but went back to her cat bed on the couch when I showed her what I was munching.

Off to the concert venue (a park in Los Altos) times to be 45 minutes early because that's the only way to get parking close enough for lugging my baritone horn and the music stand.

There was a big audience, sunshine, and a little surprise. There are so many trumpets now that the tubas (we have four of those) were put next to the baritones. We only had three this time, one was ill, but the other three were very sociable. The woman sitting next to me is the wife of one of the French Horn players, she's about 70, and said she inherited a small tuba about a dozen years ago, taught herself how to play, and then moved up to a medium sized one. Prior to that she had been a singer. She plays very well, I'm impressed.

The concert went well, huge applause for every number and a long round of applause at the end. I didn't lose my lip until the third to last number, and was able to mostly fake it an octave lower.

Home, changed, deep fried some corn dogs and nuked some baked beans for lunch. Watched some TV, then decided to go back to the Clocktower for mocha and pastry. I may make this my regular spot. Maybe. Not much traffic here, but they have some cute employees.

Thought about catching caprine's concert at Baycon tonight, but am just not feeling up to being a fan.

No plans for tomorrow except to stay away from the park, which is bound to be full of screaming children and their rude parents. Or maybe I'll go and yell "Hey kids, get off my lawn!". I do need to refresh my memory for next weekend's audition. Probably will do Old Man River, instead of something G&S. The bass numbers I know for that need a chorus. Lyric does Star Chamber auditions, no chorus available. I don't know how it is now, but Stanford used to have open auditions where other auditioners could join in as chorus.
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