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Something Japanese and Something Fishy

My favorite park 'n' ride for light rail was completely full - something I have never seen before, so went around to the next one, which is a HUGE lot, and was almost empty. I think my first choice was filled with neighborhood cars making room for visitors. Caught the 10:27, got to the convention center in plenty of time for their 20-minute day pass registration routine. It was not made easier by them holding next year's reservations in parallel, sort of. Regular reg ends at noon, 2012 starts at noon. But they were so slow processing today's peeps that it ran over.

Last day of the con, it ended at 3. There was some major eye candy, but not as much as last year. Of course last year I went on Sunday, and stayed for the masquerade. Anyhow, got some good photos, left at 2:30 to make the 2:45 train.

Home, had a snack then drove to Sunnyvale and bought a fishing license at one of the sports stores, and some simple fishing gear.  Too simple - I discovered when I got it out to the car - the pole only splits in two, very awkward, so I went to another store across the street and got a telescoping rod & reel which fits into a knapsack. And it came with some more tackle. At the first store I also picked up propane tanks for the camp stove, a set of stacking cutlery and a stacking pot/pan/bowl, all camping size. Home again, checked the camping gear on the patio and did not see my electric lantern, but remember it is in a plastic trash bag of stuff I'd pulled out of the trunk a year ago when I thought I was going to have the car painted.

The license is a strip of something paper-like, probably waterproof but I won't test that, wider than a cash register roll by maybe an inch, and about 5" long. In other words, it won't fit into a wallet or a standard card holder. Maybe a passport holder will work.

Downloaded my photos to the PC, did some online stuff for an hour and then it was time for BASFA. Unusually slow service tonight, they were out of soup, and all of my favorite pies. Some orders came out wrong.  Something seriously wrong in the kitchen. Our waitress has been with us for a long time, knows what most of the regulars order, and is very efficient, so it's not her.

Things started well, but about 1/3 of the company left early, and there was a lot of interrupting of people who had the floor, loud private conversations and someone in the back of the room on her bluetooth, who knows better. I may spank her later.

Auctions did not have critical mass, and did not raise anywhere near what the items are worth. A couple of the newcomers didn't catch the concept of "auction", probably due to their loud private conversation.

Plans for tomorrow:
Depends on the weather.
And on the job follow-ups, if any

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