Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Weird Dream Channel

I am in a school, my co-teacher and I are in our classroom doing some decorating or crafts thing which is only vaguely hinted at. I can't see who my co-teacher is, just a white blouse and navy skirt. I'm wearing a white shirt. What is very clear and the focus of the dream is my hands are full, I have a pair of silver scissors, a roll of paper packing tape, a pink eraser, a pencil and assorted pieces of paper (probably construction paper, but I can't really tell).

Another teacher, a tall, slender blonde woman in a stylish, diagonally striped dress in shades of orange and brown (the stripe pattern varies in color and width) and I are in the hallway, I have been borrowed from my co-teacher. It happened quickly, I did not have time to put down everything I was holding. I still have the pencil, eraser and roll of tape. As we walk down the hall, she explains to me that we are going to go help another teacher, in room A-38. She has two pieces of pink paper, she shows one to me - it is a test paper. She is trying to explain what I need to fill out, but I'm not understanding, and not keeping up (she walks very quickly), and the next thing I know I am in another hallway, and see her halfway down the hall, opening the door to A-38. I get the impression it is a multi-building campus, and the A stands for Building A. But that's unimportant. I go into A-38, and she is sitting toward the left/back of the room, separate from the class, her desk/chair angled about 45° toward the center of the room.  She motions me to the desk/chair beside her. Once again she hands me a pink sheet and tries to guide me through filling out the top part. There are several little sections, and it is not clear to me what I am looking at, except it is a test.

I know how to fill out this page, but I humor her, knowing she likes helping. And thinking that maybe helping me could be the start of a relationship. She's very sexy in that dress.

After the top sections are filled out, she sits up straight, apparently watching the class. I assume the class is taking a test, but I can't see - they are yards away. It is a very long room, and we are way in the back, and the 30 or so students are way in the front. I am still holding the pencil and the roll of tape in one hand, the pink test paper in the other. I'm not sure if I am supposed to be watching or taking the test. I wake up not knowing.
Tags: dreams weirdness

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