Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
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I don't have recurring dreams, but I do have recurring characters in dreams. Last night there was an appearance by two of my favorites. They are a lesbian couple, both of them in their early 20s, skinny, and they are usually wearing men's undershirts - the kind you see on Italian-American movie characters, a kind of cotton mesh with shoulder straps.

They usually appear in a small bedroom which either has bunk beds or two single beds crammed against the wall in an L. Sometimes the light is a bare bulb hanging from the ceiling, but not last night. They are always arguing, but it's good-natured, the way friends argue. One is shorter than the other - 5'2" (compared to the other one's 5'6"), and she is the one who starts things. I rarely hear the actual words, just the tone. The shorter one mostly paces while she talks, while the taller one stays in bed, reading, treating the conversation as an aside. Taller one is more blonde - both have short, frosted hair.

IRL the taller one reminds me of someone I had a crush on about 20 years ago. There was a bar in my neighborhood called the Daybreak, I liked it because it had a big wooden rainbow on the outside, and inside was cozy and sort of a dive. The bartender was a butch woman who looked like she would be more at home driving a truck, and her girlfriend was this drop-dead gorgeous little pixie, who could not have been more than 5' tall, 95 lbs. The pixie is the one who is the taller one in these dreams - go figure.

IRL the pixie was always at the pool table, but there has been no pool table in the dreams, nor any butch truck driver. The bartender introduced me to Moosehead beer. I don't like beer, but I was able to tolerate that brand. But I digress.
Tags: dream weirdness

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