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I had one an hour ago, can't remember it.

Today started at Best Buy, 10:30 dropped the car off to get the old in-dash unit pulled out and the new one installed. He said it would take an hour. It took 2 hours. I spent most of that on the benches outdoors around the plaza, then into Starbucks when it got cold and windy and looked like rain.

They have a fixed price, and it is pretty reasonable for work done on a unit they didn't sell.

First thing I did is back into a very low wall where I thought there was road, getting out of their very long driveway. No real damage at 3 mph, but I did take make an amateur embossing of the wall on my back bumper. It'll come off the next car wash.

Sat in the back parking lot setting up the easy stuff, pairing the bluetooth with my phone (it also does audio over bluetooth) and making sure everything worked. I'll do the radio presets tomorrow.

Went shopping for assorted groc, hit three stores in all. My next batch of pickles will be gherkins. I bought enough for 6 per jar (the bigger cukes were 4 per jar) and another jar of grape leaves for crispness. This time it'll be my own pickle recipe. Got Siberian pirogi this time (Ukranian last time) and cheese bourekas, which are puff pastry goodies we used to get at the Sephardic temple bazaars. The Crossroads World Market has some neat stuff.  Too bad their challah was a week old. At Milk Pail I think I found susandennis' famous sheep d'argental cheese. Ate some of that after lunch on Ritz crackers, and it was excellent, with a bit of an after-bite. Love the strong aroma. Orange rind.

Home, unpacked the documentation which came with the new car unit, and discovered the installer had not read the instructions, and did not mount the removable nav unit anywhere it could be reached without taking out the whole unit. I called to find out if I was mistaken about that, but nope. This is a Tom Tom which needs a PC on a network plugged into the USB port on the nav unit in order to update maps. The unit comes with a free update which has to be used in 90 days. He ignored the mounting hardware for it. I'll bring that in Tuesday morning, so he can correct the mistake.

I have reservations for camping out at Del Valle Tuesday night, I think I have to be there by 4 to not lose the spot. This is going to be interesting, because thunderstorms are forecast for tomorrow, and I won't know if it will be good enough weather for fishing until Tuesday morning. I'm not keen on camping in the rain. Let me rephrase that. I'm not keen on packing up a wet tent and dealing with cleanup/dry-out after.

If prospects for job interviews Tues/Wed come up, that takes priority over camping. At the moment that does not look likely, but things can change quickly on a Monday.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
Watch the rain
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