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The trouble with instant gratification...

...is it takes too long.

On December 14 I ordered a macro lens from a camera store in NYC. I ordered it because it featured an f/45 aperture setting, which in plain English means it can get more of a close-up in focus than any other lens on the market.

UPS tracking shows it arrived in Sunnyvale early morning on the 24th, which should have meant it would be delivered along with the rest of the pre-Santa rush, but instead they held onto it until the 27th. At 7 am on the 27th, the tracker shows, it was on a truck en route to me. But no UPS truck showed up (I was working from home, and stayed home till 9 pm just in case). Today at about 4 pm they delivered it.

I had some work to do ( a couple of fires to fight) and a couple of phone calls to answer, so I didn't get around to actually opening the package till about 5:30. The info on the box looks like the right lens, so I slap it onto my camera, and it won't stop down past f/32. I look at the lens, it clearly says on the aperture ring that it only goes to f/32.

I was hoping to use it to re-shoot my sapphire collection while I had time - working from home would be perfect - but it is not to be.

I'm sure the store will accept the lens for an exchange, but it will take at least a week.



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