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Virginity Lost

Whenever I get a new laptop/netbook, I keep the paper fabric sheet which is on top of the keyboard, because over time I've found the keyboard leaves its impression on the screen. Usually I hang onto the sheet until it starts to come apart, but this time I lost it. It fell off when I packed up the netbook yesterday at the cafe in RC, and I didn't notice it till the cafe's fine staff had thrown it away. Just my luck to drop it in the only cafe on the planet which buses its tables immediately.

So now there's no "protection" when I close the lid. My inherent anthropomorphism makes me think of this as the netbook losing its virginity. There are other analogies, but I'm  not going there.

Speaking of virginity, over on FB there has been a petition floating around to protest/donate to a Texas ex-cheerleader who lost her suit and appeal against her high school kicking her off the cheerleading squad for refusing to cheer the name of a basketball player whom she says raped her. From the supporting articles they link to (they don't actually quote them - it would hurt their case) it is pretty clear the guy attacked her, but it is also pretty clear it was not a rape.

I bring this up only because of the "cry wolf" syndrome. Yelling "rape" gets more attention than yelling "you jerk!". Using the R word to get publicity makes me not want to donate to her cause. This is the 21st Century, even in Texas, and it isn't rocket science anymore to prove a rape has been committed, and tag the culprit with his DNA. And even if you don't get the criminal conviction, you have civil suits available (think OJ). The cheerleader did not pursue any of these remedies.
But I did donate, and here's why:

1. The guy pleaded guilty to misdemeanor assault. He's a jerk, and should have been barred from high school sports when he copped the plea.
2. She cheers for the team, and only draws the line at cheering specifically for the jerk. That's her first amendment right.
3. The Texas court and the New Orleans appeals court both pulled an "in loco parentis" type of defense out of their nether parts when there are just as strong precedents for students' freedom of speech.

In other news, deposited my unemployment check, got some cash, went to PAMF for a blood test (doctor appt Monday). Called the apartment manager asking to have the kitchen lights replaced. He said he's have that taken care of, but by 4 pm nada.

Shook up the pickle jars a bit. Needed to wait for them to cool  before doing that. The previous batches were made from a mix which was mostly powder, but this time I used whole mustard, coriander, dill and cumin seeds and garlic slices. They mostly stayed in the bottom of the pot when I poured the mix into the jars, so after putting a pair of grape leaves on top of the cukes, I glopped a serving spoon's worth of the seeds on top. If I didn't shake the jars I would have seriously pickled grape leaves, and bland vinegar pickles.

I have a cute new film/slide scanner from Wolverine which does a great job of showing the photo in a small viewfinder, lets you adjust the exposure and rotate as needed, and then can capture to an SD card or internal memory. It automagically reverses negatives B&W or color. I had promised johnnyeponymous I would scan in 1974 Spokane World's Fair photos if I could find them, and last night I did find them. It was a challenge, albeit a small one. I went in November 1974, I now know, and what helped me find them was, thanks to my long time photo buddy MZig, all my B&W negatives are in sleeves marked with the year-month-roll#. I knew I had gone while I was working for the Omak Chronicle, which was between 9/74 and 2/75. The Chronicle kept all my work negatives, so I only had my personal ones to go through. There were not many of those, because I was mostly on assignment during those months. But the first roll from November had a frame from Odessa, WA and another from Moscow, ID, both of which were well outside my coverage area but in a line with Spokane.

What threw me off before I got the viewer is most of the first roll was of a folkdance festival I went to. There was nothing to say where the festival was, but from the surrounding travel pix it looks like Pullman, WA (WSU). I used to go to a lot of those around WA and OR, and knew a lot of the people in the pictures. Also on the roll was a German folkdance performance, which would not have been out of place that that festival. Except it was surrounded by pictures of what looked like a ski lift, but was the sky tram at the expo. And then I saw the impossible to forget USSR pavilion's front wall.

The set is on Flickr, at http://www.flickr.com/photos/how3ird/sets/72157626931677610/

In the same box I found three Rubber Research Center envelopes labeled "roll 1, roll 2 and roll3" with negatives, so I put them through the viewer, or at least enough of them to see why they were not among my other Peace Corps negatives. Putting 2+2 together, these are negatives I sent to the Chronicle of a county fair my work group went to in southern Thailand, which I had expected them to print a few. The tie-in was my first assignment when I worked there was to cover the Okanogan County Fair, so I figured it would be poetic to have the Thai equivalent. When I went to the newspaper after I came back to the US, they gave them back to me. By then my editor had sold the paper, most of the staff was gone...

That done, it was time to visit Clocktower. Their wi-fi was not working for me, so as soon as I was done with my mocha I packed it in and went to *$s where the wifi is reliable. I did test the android phone's tethering feature, and it worked, but it's a lot slower than real wifi, and a message came up warning me this was a trial period, they would charge for this service eventually.

Not sure what's for dinner tonight. Last night was half the leftover tamarind prawns over rice noodles. Lunch was corn dogs and baked beans.

Today is Prince Philip's 90th birthday. Elizabeth is "only" 85. The Mail printed an article with what they called his biggest gaffes, though many of them looked like words of wisdom to me, or just a case of calling a spade the N word. A couple I liked:

‘You managed not to get eaten then?’ To a British student who was trekking in Papua New Guinea, during an official visit in 1998.

‘Aren’t most of you descended from pirates?’ To residents of the Cayman Islands in 1994.

‘I would like to go to Russia very much — although the bastards murdered half my family.’ In 1967, when asked if he would like to visit the Soviet Union.

‘How do you keep the natives off the booze long enough to pass the test?’ To a Scottish driving instructor in 1995.

‘When a man opens the car door for his wife, it’s either a new car or a new wife.’

‘It looks as though it was put in by an Indian.’ The Prince’s verdict on a fuse box given during a tour of a Scottish factory in August 1999. He later apologised: ‘I meant to say cowboys. I just got my cowboys and Indians mixed up.’

‘People think there’s a rigid class system here, but dukes have been known to marry chorus girls. Some have even married Americans.’ In 2000.

‘You have mosquitos. I have the Press.’ To the matron of a hospital in the Caribbean.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2001251/As-Prince-Philip-turns-90-relive-hilarious-gaffes.html#ixzz1OvWSrlQk

Plans for tomorrow:
None that I can think of.


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