Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

What happened to Saturday?

All things considered, it flew by quicker than it had any call to. Subscribed to a new porn site, but canceled when Nancy Pelosi made a pass at me. Maybe I'll forward her email to the Palin campaign.

Did my usual job hunt online, and an unusual one too. My boss from Motorola, who is still a friend (we share Flickr items, and we run into each other at Thai temple events) sent me a Flickr note asking me to take a look at some shots from a new trick lens he bought. We have the same model camera. In the note he said that he has two open reqs, and there's also one for the Israeli manager who runs the infrastructure side of things, and was one of my champions when I was there. So this morning I looked on the Moto job site, but they didn't even have Santa Clara listed as an office. So I searched for Santa Clara and got the whole list of open reqs - turns out they moved the video group to the cell phone company. Go figure. So I applied, and we'll see what happens. But frankly I'd rather land the Harmonic job, just on general principles.

Caught up on online stuff, then got off my butt and took care of the litterboxes.

Since no one showed up to replace the kitchen lights, I took one more stab at it, and as soon as I resigned myself to using brute force, I got the covers off and the lamps out. Went to OSH for replacements and shoved those into place. And now the kitchen is BRIGHT. Looking at the old bulbs, one has probably been dragging down the other for a year.

Also went to Safeway for corn oil and eggbeaters, and ended up spending $50. Fresh fruit has become very expensive, and I was completely out, except for limes.Corn oil prices were a crock. The cheapest for every size was the house brand, but the 48 oz came in at 10% less than the big jug. Mazola's 48 oz would have been even cheaper - if I bought 8 of them. Safeway has this inane "buy 8" campaign going. Most of those items they don't even have 8 of on the shelf.

Watched the Belmont Stakes. Talk about a while different world. I love their pixie reporter - very cute blond woman in her 40's who used to be a jockey. It was fun when she did the post-race interview on horseback as the winner rode toward the winner's circle. She was holding the camera.

Listening on Pandora to Blossom Dearie singing It Might As Well Be Spring in French. Her enunciation is so clear I can almost understand the words. The six or so I know. But enough to know the French version is not true to the original.

Surfed to the Giants game, bottom of the 8th, losing 8-0. Swiched to the Stanley Cup playoff, no score near the end of the 1st period, and Boston's goalee doing way too good a job, and Vancouver being mostly inept at bringing the puck and the net into the same parallel universe.

Dinner was a kludge. Penaeng curry in coconut milk & grapeseed oil and pan fried roti. And then off to Starbucks late-night location.

Plans for tomorrow:
Matinee at Dragon Theater to see my friend Heidi in a play. I will probably know others there. I know the owner. This is the talk-back performance - the cast and director will take the stage after the show and talk about the play and answer questions. It's a 40-seat theater, so it's pretty much an intimate conversation.


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