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Find The Light

The light at the end of the tunnel got a giant leap closer today. The recruiter I have been waiting to hear from called at about 1 pm to ask when I could come in for an interview. I told her "any time this week" and admitted that next week could be arranged too. 5:30 pm she called again, can I make it tomorrow morning at 9? Sure. The sooner the better. She cc'ed some folks, whom I figure are the interviewers, so I'll see what LinkedIn has to say about them. The site is theoretically 11 minutes from home, but since it involves a segment of 237, at 8:30 am we're probably talking half an hour. But Yay!

All morning I was bombarded with calls from east coast numbers, starting at 7 effing AM, which I ignored. It means AT&T is looking for a contractor again to test set top boxes. The job is in San Ramon, which is a pain in the butt to get to for an interview, and I would have to move if I took the job. Not something I am eager to do for a contract, And I definitely do not want to work for a contract agency 3,000 miles away whose employees don't speak comprehensible English.

The first adventure of the day was a stop at Lowe's to see what they had in the way of ladders. I figured I needed an 8-footer, but did not think it would fit in the car without sticking out the back, and since I was not going directly home that went on the "later" list.

Then came my noon appointment with the Nephrologist. He has a really cute nurse. My BP reading was way high. Coincidence? My BP readings for the month have been lower, but still higher than his target, so he's having me take three chlorthalidone tablets. We started with one, last month was two. Max would be 4. Also told him about a much younger friend who just started on dialysis, asked if there is anything I can tell my friend. He said moral support is a good start, make sure he gets on a kidney transplant list if he needs one, but don't jump to any conclusions, because sometimes dialysis is used to correct reversible conditions. Friend has a huge group of supporting friends and an SO, which helps.

Went from there to Clocktower, has a Pina Colada smoothie and a chocolate croissant. The have the ones dipped in chocolate. Yum. The recruiter called while I was enjoying those. There was much eye candy too.

I was procrastinating. I needed to buy a ladder, but first I had to go home and take care of some stuff.

After relaxing at home for a bit, I drove to OSH and bought a 6-foot ladder. It fit in the car with a foot to spare. And it was on sale! Saved $20 over Lowe's. And OSH is closer. Home, hauled it upstairs, and it was too short to really do the job, which was to staple gun some faux batik over the trapezoidal and triangular skylight windows in the bedroom. I have lived here for 4.5 years, and should have done this the week I moved in. LSS, the triangle, which is lower and smaller, is all covered but the trapezoid is still letting light in through a right-triangular opening at the top about a foot high, and the width of a bolt of cloth - 45"(?) which looks a lot like this:

Maybe the angle at C is a bit more acute. Anyhow it is a major improvement, and I may further improve it by the intelligent application of an old Coast Survey flag, double-sided tape and a broomstick.

That was a major sweat-maker, mostly because I am deathly afraid of heights, and thanks to some stupid architecture the top right corner of the trapezoid was not reachable from the same side as the top left corner, so there was much ladder maneuvering to be done.

Did some recovery on the recliner with Pumpkin on my arm, and some out on the balcony with Domino on my thigh. A rare cuddling session for her.

Then it was off to BASFA, which was in stealth mode. When I got there at a bit after 7:30, the place was half-empty, but by a little after 8 it was packed. I got in a few good puns, including the Rumor of the Week. A bunch of CDs I'd brought sold at auction for mostly adequate prices, and the somewhat obscure iPhone to component cable was picked up for a decent price by someone who will get good use out of it.

I've continued ripping CDs, am about halfway through my pop music, Billy Joel is in the ripper at the moment. There are still show tunes, classical and foreign language to do, which combined are equal in number to the pop albums. This could take weeks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Interview will last most of the day. Nothing planned for after. Since I'll be in the area, maybe a meal at Vahl's. Good food, variable service since the wait staff are the original crew from 1941.
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