Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

Look Boss, The Plan, The Plan

So the plan was to do laundry and have a banana split and relax. Done, done and done. There was only one other person in the laundromat when I got there, three families when I left, who managed to block all the aisles.

Went to the Denny's on Mathilda instead of the one on Awhanee,  because the latter had served my banana split in a soup bowl last time. And I ordered something which came with egg-beater scrambled eggs and they asked how I wanted the eggs done.

This time, they did not ask how I wanted the eggs done, they just delivered something which looked like two whole eggs without the yolks, looking like sunnyside up eggs without the sun. And the banana split was in a soup bowl. Will have to find another source for banana splits. They are high in potassium, and I need more potassium according to my doctor.

Home, the replacement car alarm remote arrived. Followed the directions about a dozen times but couldn't get it to pair. Will see if the folks who installed my nav system will do it for me. The original remote has been dropped too many times, and is mostly super-glued together.

Mail arrived early, unemployment check was there, on time for a change. Also in the mail was the LP I'd ordered a couple of weeks ago, it went slow boat from Alabama. Mint condition, though, just like the listing said. Will have to hook up the turnable and rip it to WAV and MP3. Maybe tonight.

A recruiting company calling themselves Maxonic, with offices in SF and Mumbai, called too many times with jobs in the video area. Typical of the Indian recruiters, nothing else in the job descriptions even came close to what is in my resume. I will email them to take me off their lists. And I will take one more look at my resume, in case there is anything in there which hints of programmer skilz. 

Went online looking for charter fishing boats, but the ones in HMB leave at the crack of OMG, as do the ones from Santa Cruz, and that's a sure way to get me seasick. So searched some more and discovered Pacifica pier and the beach next door are rated the best fishing in the area, and maybe in the country. So I think I'll drive out there and take a look.

Finished ripping the classical CDs, and made some playlists for all my music so far in iTunes, but kept getting an "unknown" error message. It had a number, which means it was not really unknown. Looked it up on Apple's web site, there was nothing in the official support pages but a ton of pretty much identical info in the forums. Turns out the error happens if iTunes glitches while uploading to the iPod/iPhone, and leaves a partial file. The cure is to tell iTunes to not sync anything, which causes iTunes to erase everything on the iPod/phone which had previously been uploaded. Since I was converting the phone to a music player, this was good news, it let me nuke all the apps and stuff which was just eating battery and space. Next step is simply tell it to sync music, run sync again (which took about 2 hours for my stash) and no more phantom files or error messages.

Still left to rip are showtunes, folkdance, Thai & Chinese pop, and filk. I won't rip my sound effects or Thai classical - not things I would want to listen to in the car. Those all may go slowly, because except for three or four Thai singers, I'll want to cherrypick only my favorite tracks.

Plans for tomorrow:
Job hunt
Car alarm
Pacifica (?)
Ye Olde Towne Band rehearsals. Concert Sunday.
Tags: job hunt, music

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