Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic


Woke up way too early, Pumpkin swatted at me every time I tried to get up. I was his pillow. Or bolster, really. And his nails need a trim.

Did a lot on the computer, had lunch, watched TV, decided it was not worth driving to Pacifica since I had to be back by about 6, which would have meant megatraffic. In fact, the only thing I did from my Plan was go to band rehearsals. Which were good, we did all brush-up stuff, which was mostly kind to my lip. Ready as I'll ever be for Sunday's concert.

Home, the two eBay iPods arrived. Both had no battery charge left. The "broken" one took a charge, and I was able to upgrade the software, load music and set the date & time, etc. The only thing which appears to really be broken on it is there is some smearing in the display towards the bottom, but it doesn't prevent reading anything, and won't matter for car audio. Will try it out in the car tomorrow. Meanwhile the non-broken one also arrived, full of music and videos which I would have liked to have, but the windows PC can't read a Mac-formatted iPod. And the videos were probably password locked anyway. So I wiped it, upgrade the software and shoved all my music onto it. Plenty of room left.

Not sure which one I'll keep. Need to hear them in the car, and see if they hold a charge overnight.

And that was about it. Other than a burst of Indians in New Jersey phoning me about a job at Intel for about half the going rate. I have figured out a new ploy. I tell them they have to be US citizens before I talk to them. Considering how many American recruiters they have put out of work, I think that's only fair.

Plans for tomorrow:
Endo appointment in the morning
Routine pharmacy pickup in the afternoon
Get the new car alarm paired, I hope
Replace the net laundry bags. CVS doesn't stock them, may need the French store or Wal$Mart.

BTW, I agree with the Supes' WalMart case decision. The lawyers were out for the fast buck - people will opt in on a class action suit whether or not they have been victims, and in this case the handful of victims all presented very different circumstances. Not saying there was not discrimination, just that it's not endemic. The two WalMarts I go to have plenty of female management.

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