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I had this great idea for a nostalgic, tell-all kind of post as I was walking across the parking lot, but by the time I had my mocha frappuccino it had retreated to the tip of my tongue, the back of my mind. Or maybe one of its many ragged edges. If I keep staring into space maybe it will come back. Something about a person. A person of the male persuasion.


Meanwhile, I have the new-ish bluetooth stereo headset on my neck, earbuds shoved firmly in place because there is a jerk at the table behind me, facing me, who has been blabbering non-stop into his cell phone as if he was in his livingroom. Half an hour now, one would think his battery would be drained. Sounds like his mind has been already. Marketing blather.

So I guess this will be my daily journal entry. Started at the clinic with a follow-up with my endocrinologist. Routine, suggested by my nephrologist. She is one hot number, knows how to dress too. She doesn't do white lab coats. Last time was a very sexy muted orange and black diagonally striped dress, this time a knit white top over a black dress. The knit was too tight to call net, but open enough to accent what she wanted accented. Nothing new except my A1C is much lower, but needs to go down one more notch. My BP was actually low, and I've lost another 3 lbs since last month.

From there to Custom Audio, to see if the talented Mr. T. Le could pair the car alarm remote I'd bought on the Clifford web site with my Clifford car alarm. Nope, he couldn't get it to work. Because it was the wrong one. Clifford's web site said the same unit worked with both the 10 and 12 series of this model, but they lied. He sold me (and paired successfully) the right version. Custom Audio charged me $120, Clifford soaked me for $240. Home, RMA applied for, lunch made & inhaled.

Then to OSH with my music stand. At rehearsals I discovered that what I thought was a permanent fix for the one stupid design item in an otherwise brilliant design was not. The stand has two screws on the main shaft, one has a handy soft plastic/rubberized handle, the other has to be adjusted with a hex tool. The nice man, whom I looked for for 10 minutes before finding him, helped me remove the hex screw and find a replacement hex head bolt and wing nut which can be adjusted without any tools.

Next stop, CVS, picked up my monthly insulin.

Home, dropped that off because it needs to go in the fridge, and then to Starbucks. Thought about Clocktower, but they are not air conditioned and it's a bit too warm today for that.

And now for the daily dose of recruiter stupidity:

Got a call from a perky woman who works for the contract agency which had placed me at Netflix. She had a contract position which she was hoping would be a good fit for me. As a last resort it will work, and I'm all out of first resorts. Like they all do, she read me the words on the page which said what the company needs in the way of skills. I have all the skills, but two of the items made no sense from a technology standpoint. Won't bore you with details, but I explained to the nice woman how these items used to be an issue, but have not been for about 10 years. She starts asking for personal details, and I tell her that the job at the top of my resume was with her agency. She had not bothered to look me up. Sheesh.

She says she will pass my resume to her account manager. He calls, and though woman was in SJ, he is in LA. He asks the same questions. I give the same answers. He asks if I have any experience with TCP. I say yes. How about IP. I say TCP is a subset of IP. He has not clue what I mean by that. He asks if I have any experience with Ethernet. I tell him it is obvious he does not know what he is talking about. He says he though Ethernet was the hardware and IP was the software. Uh, no. I can't think of an analogy a person with a 6th grade science education can understand, so suggest he not try to do this screening himself, and to just have someone at the company her is recruiting for give me a call. He says he will pass my resume on to the company. Meanwhile, woman recruiter gave me the name of he company, I'll go onto their site and see if I can apply directly.

No plans for tonight, which is sad because I really wanted to go to the preview of a local community theater's Sound of Mucus, directed by one of my all-time favorite theater people and I know at least half the cast. But this particular group kicked me out of one of their shows for what I suspect was being the wrong religion, and as long as the asswipes who did that are still involved with the group, I'm not patronizing anything they do. What added insult to injury is the person they called to take my place was told I'd gotten sick, and he had no idea it was political. He is a long time good theater friend and continues to be. He just happens to teach Sunday school and is happy to spread the word of Jesus to anyone who asks. What I admire most about him is until you ask, you won't even suspect he is That Way.  When I told him years later I had been the person he replaced, and what the circumstances were, he said had he known he would have refused the part.

So no plans for tonight.

Plans for tomorrow:
Litterbox duty
NASA/Ames for a long-awaited model rocket launch
Possibly go to the Fremont Thai Temple's annual bash, which they hold at a much larger Zen Buddhist temple down the block.
Pick up a friend at SJC who has spent 2 weeks volunteering with Red Cross flood aid in Montana.
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