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A very good day for Music

We had perfect weather for the concert, not too hot, and not too breezy. Too much of a breeze makes the music hard to manage. My lip almost lasted for the whole concert. We had a big crowd, very appreciative. I love it when the parents bring the kids to look at our instruments up close afterward.

Relaxed at home and tried to make a decal for a project, but the printer kept munging the decal media. I need to get some clear label stuff instead.
Oliver auditions were in the community hall of a park behind the apartment complex I lived in when I was broke and starving.  
More about the apartment:  My 1BR was $300/mo and the sewer backed up, flooding the place, the first night I was in it. After fighting the horrible pipe system for a year, they gave us 8 month's notice and evicted us. We each got 3 month's rent to help us move, and a promise that when they rebuilt we would have first dibs on the apartment units. But they built condos instead, and the few apartment units were going for $1500/mo, they are now about $3k).

Anyhow, filled out the paperwork, was assigned a number (8), and after about 10 minutes me and two other men, one of whom I knew from Jekyll & Hyde, were let into the room. Big room, very resonant. The J&H guy sang first, he sounded great, but it was a little hard to hear him over the piano. I went next. I told the accompanist to give me the G which I'm supposed to start on, and he did, but I kept hearing a lower note in my heard. Weird. I'm usually excellent at matching notes. He helped me find the right note, and when I hit it it sounded right, and I totally nailed the song. And the room just reverberated to my voice. I love when that happens. Got a huge applause from the panel.

It was actually auditions for two shows, the other being 1940's Radio Hour, and I told the director for that show he's legendary (and he is) so if he wanted me in his show I would be happy to be in it, but I don't think there is a singing role for an older man in that show. After I sang he said he would love to have me in his show, but as it turns out my nephew's wedding in Baltimore will be during Hell Week, so that shot that. But it was a very nice compliment.

The dance audition was not so good, the choreagravators for 1940's did the honors, and while it was a lot of easy steps, there were too many of them, and they did not flow. I did what I could, and no one was injured. What I hate about dance auditions is I don't have that talent for picking up a routine quickly. I could have nailed it with a normal rehearsal schedule. I don't think there will be much dancing in Oliver.

Callbacks are Tuesday, I expect they will call Tuesday during the day, because there will be more auditions Monday.

Thinking about it, the only things which would have made the day better would be getting lucky, and getting a job.

So, in pickling news, I did some research and it seems the commercial packets of pickle mix I have been using have a chemical in them which makes them edible in 24 hours. My recipe, which lacks that chemical, will probably not be ready until after a month. I also found a couple of better recipes for home-made pickles, and I had used way too much dill seed, could have done without the coriander and mustard seed, and should have added a small hot pepper to each jar.  I'm a very patient man, for small values of patient. But a month is a long time to wait so I picked up some pickles at Safeway last night.

Plans for tomorrow:
Expecting at least one, maybe two phone interviews
Try the decal thing again, with clear labeling media
BASFA, I have some not so bad CDs to auction, and maybe a Rolodex.
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