Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Was Going To Say Something Profound

But the DDOS attack on LJ lasted longer than my memory.

The plecosthomus quartet has made a serious dent in the crud on the walls and floor of the betta tank. The bettas are doing well too, but the betta food pellets I picked up last time is a FAIL, they sink like rocks, bettas are mostly surface feeders.

Reheated some of the BBQ pork and the rest of the BBQ ribs from 456 Chinese, made for a nice lunch.

Waited too long to go to the PO, it was coming down in sheets when I left the apartment, and stayed steady for a couple of hours. Short line at the PO and no wait for parking. Mailed the RMA item, then headed for my local *$s. It was jam packed, and the outdoor tables had not all been pulled under the overhang, the only free ones were soaked. Tried the next nearest branch, it was even more crowded - they have no covered outdoor seating. So Clocktower, which is sparsely occupied, but there is some nice eye candy. And they have better goodies. Free wi-fi without the annoying browser redirect, but only one a/c outlet, which cuts down on the riff raff.

Was sitting at the next table from a couple. The woman is late 40's, early 50's, the man is too. She is dressed in a too-tight, cheap cotton dress with a light net sweater and is doing a good job of being discretely provocative. She is of ample proportions, but wears it well.The man is not taking the bait. Judging by his earring, I expect he's gay. From her conversation it is clear they go way back. They are both divorced. She tells him that her wedding was the highlight of her life, and asks him/tells him "isn't that always true?" His non-answer makes it clear to me, but not to her, that he associates that day with the hell of married life, and is not about to do that again any time soon.

She leaves for a few minutes, I think she went out to her car, it's raining, she has no hat or coat or umbrella. She returns, I don't see that she has anything more or less than she left with. Soon they both leave, his arm around her waist, it looks friendly but not sexual on his part, but I think she has not given up on getting lucky.

It is still raining. This appears to be more rain in one day than we usually get in all of June.

Plan B today was to get a massage, but I don't want to drive that far in this weather. I'll roam the web a bit, and then go cuddle with the cats.

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