Mister Eclectic (howeird) wrote,
Mister Eclectic

I Can Haz Job?

Much to my surprise, this morning the recruiter for the Tivo job said they made me an offer. It's at a decent pay rate, reasonable commute, in my area of expertise and the people seem nice enough. But I'd rather have a high-paying permanent job, so I told the recruiter to let me check with HR at Harmonic and see if it makes any sense now that 2.5 weeks have passed, to wait for them to hire me.  I left HR voicemail, haven't heard anything.

Re-thinking this, I didn't really like what I saw at Harmonic, did not click with the people, did not see a lab which was conducive to testing. OTOH, I was not shown Tivo's facilities at all.

At noon tomorrow, it'll probably be bird-in-hand time.

When I sent in my security check form, I asked the recruiter to see if I can take time off for Worldcon. She said she didn't think it would be a problem, but this is a short term contract so it may be. I'll burn that bridge when I come to it. Worst case, I'll ship my photos and have them hang them, and just fly in for the weekend.
Started the day with a massage. Got a new, waif-like Chinese girl this time, but from how deep the massage was I reckon she is bionic. Some light carbon filament or something.

Manicure was next. My manicurist was just finishing up with an tall elegant black woman who may have been a supermodel. She came over to chat after I told her I liked her hairdo. Very sweet person, with a huge sparkley gold thing on her ring finger. I also go a chance to tease the Thai hair colorist, who was chatting with someone who was getting a pedicure. I quoted an old Thai pop song which starts "working people, on their day off, chat with the people who are working". She got the reference.

Got the recruiter call during the manicure, so had to wait till after to listen to the voicemail. Decided to go to WalMart first, call the Harmonic HR person and then the recruiter, but recruiter called again while I was walking through the parking lot to WalMart. So instead of more shopping I went home and did the security clearance paperwork, which needed to be done today what with the holiday coming up and a July 7 start date.
Took another taste of the now-3-week-old pickles, and decided it tasted better, but maybe another month... While I was at WalMart I picked up a couple of the tried and true pickle mix, and another dozen mason jars. I think I will take one more stab at my own recipe first. Need to do some shopping for that. Need garlic and chili peppers and a ton of pickling cucumbers. Picked up a tank of vinegar at WM, too. I have everything else I need.

Plans for tomorrow:
Wish my Canuck friends a happy Canada Day
Wish everyone a happy July Fools' Day
Attend Westercon. Is it my imagination, or is Mr. rec.humor.funny on a panel in every time slot Friday?
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