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  • Thu, 13:02: RT @KNBR: Congrats @SFGiants pitcher Matt Cain on 1,000 career strikeouts! Leave Matt a message! http://t.co/W7t3pc4
  • Thu, 16:57: Local Wal*Mart is now 50% groceries. Tiny produce section, no meat/fish dept, but mega everything else.
  • Thu, 17:01: Contract job offer surprised me.
  • Thu, 17:03: Branches of Unplanned Parenthood are popping up all over the red states. Watch for the neon coat hanger.
  • Thu, 17:05: Massage, check. Manicure, check. Wal*Mart, check. New job security check, check. Callbacks tonight.
  • Thu, 17:24: Pickle taste test fail - maybe ready in a month.
  • Thu, 22:55: Auditions over, dinner et, cats fed, time to journalize
  • Fri, 08:54: Harmonic HR says accept the Tivo contract, so I did. Planned start date, July 7. With luck I can still watch the shuttle launch at NASA/Ames
  • Fri, 08:55: RT @AngelaRuggiero: Headed to the royal wedding of HRH Prince Albert II of Monaco-5 time Olympian and IOC Member 2 wed South African Oly ...
  • Fri, 08:56: Nice 2 have all the pending decisions decided.
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